House Of Cards

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House Of Cards
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Episode 3

Adaptation of Michael Dobbs's satirical novel about corruption in British party politics. Urquhart's plans to undermine Collingridge reach their conclusion.

November 2022

Episode 4

24 x
Adaptation of a satirical novel about the corrupt and cynical world of British party politics. In the run-up to the leadership election, Urquhart plans to eliminate his rivals.

Episode 1

23 x
The original drama about the corrupt and cynical world of British politics. When chief whip Francis Urquhart is passed over for promotion, he hatches a plot to wreak revenge.

Episode 2

14 x
Andrew Davies's adaptation of Michael Dobbs' best-selling satirical novel. Urquhart forges ahead with his plan to bring down the new PM as the Tory conference convenes in Brighton.