I Can Do It, You Can Too

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I Can Do It, You Can Too

Rookie Dougie finds out the best way to swing on a swing with help from coach Dillon, while Millie practises her rugby passing skills with coach Felix.

Series 1
Coach Arlo puts rookie Finley through his paces as he helps him to run faster than ever before on his blade, while Harlow tries to climb a rope with help from coach Clara.
Rookie Adam has a go at a bouldering obstacle course with some great tips from coach Rosie, while Bailey performs a cheerleading routine with coach Alice.
Horse-riding coach Pearl puts novice Olivia through her paces, and coach Sanchia helps rookie Zack throw further than ever before.
Coach Rhi helps Jeevan to ride a bike by himself, while rookie Marley tries out a teddy bear roll with coach Alayah.
Coach Sophie shows little sister Emily how to play wheelchair basketball, while rookie Lorenzo is helped by twin brother Elijah in an egg-and-spoon race.
Rookie Emily has a go at climbing a climbing frame with advice from Lilwen, while George helps rookie Evie throw a disc further than ever before.
Relay race pro Ryan shows rookie Freya how to pass and receive a baton, while Highland dancing coach Sam helps Zara get to grips with some beginner's moves.
Coach Dhian shows Pearl how to go-kart for the first time, while Sylvie learns how to cartwheel with help from coach Allegra.
Rookie Leo practises a tennis serve with coach and big sister Isla, while Sahara tries out a new cheerleading move with coach Ellora.
BMX rookie Lottie attempts an ambitious new skill called a bunny-hop, while top hula hooper Ella puts rookie Mimi through her paces
Top tumbler Ezriel shows rookie Isla to do her first ever handstand, while swing king golfing coach Thomas shows rookie Kaela how to putt a hole in one.
Kayaking coach Eleri shows rookie Alex how to paddle for the first time, while rookie Madison gets some great tips to help her jump higher than ever before!
Rookie Sanchia wants to get better at playing hopscotch with help from coach Riya, while Ivo learns how to swim faster with coach Betty.
Can Ariana hit the target in archery with coach Adam’s help? And rookie Stanley is learning how to run and jump better with advice from coach Millie.
Ali is having a go at doing a vault with help from big brother Hayden, and Ellora gets better at passing a football with coach Jodh.
Rookie Ewan wants to score a rounder with help from coach India, while Phoebe tries some fun street dance moves with coach Thane.
Evelyn shows rookie Josh how to throw a ball at a target, and Jessica has fun learning how to ride her scooter with coach Ella.
Rookie Harlow has a go at skiing with coach Max, while Cooper helps rookie Samuel learn an acrobatics move called the Delilah.
Rookie Felix wants to learn how to do a football trick called the rainbow flick with tips from coach Junior, while best friends Lilwen and Ava try jumping far.