I May Destroy You

July 2020

Series 1: 12. Ego Death

4.0 18 x
When Arabella’s memory of her assault comes rushing back to her, she drags the last of her demons out from under the bed - once and for all.

Series 1: 11. Would You Like to Know the Sex?

3.0 10 x
Arabella re-engages with her work and continues staking out the scene of her attack. Kwame follows Tyrone into uncharted territory, and Terry has some luck in work and romance.

Series 1: 10. The Cause the Cure

4.0 13 x
Painful memories bubble to the surface at Arabella's mum's birthday dinner. Kwame meets Tyrone, a stranger in search of a different kind of connection.

Series 1: 9. Social Media Is a Great Way to Connect

4.0 13 x
It is Halloween, and as Arabella divides the world into angels and demons, she heads for a crisis in her friendship with Kwame.
June 2020

Series 1: 8. Line Spectrum Border

3.0 9 x
Demoralized by a recent development in the investigation, Arabella hatches a risky plan to 'spark joy'. Kwame decides to explore the full spectrum of his sexuality.

Series 1: 7. Happy Animals

4.0 17 x
Strapped for cash and still unable to produce a draft of her book, Arabella takes a job working alongside Theo. Terry's birthday party finds Kwame avoiding reminders of his assault.

Series 1: 6. The Alliance

3.0 12 x
Arabella attends a support group run by Theo, a high school acquaintance. In a flashback to 2004, a troubled Theo flips the narrative when consensual sex goes sideways.

Series 1: 5. It Just Came Up

4.0 15 x
Arabella reassesses a sexual encounter with Zain and threatens to break the internet when she goes off script at a literary event. Kwame seeks help from the police.

Series 1: 4. That Was Fun

3.0 16 x
Still processing her trauma, Arabella starts seeing a therapist and connects with fellow writer Zain. Kwame spurs a new friend to step outside his comfort zone.

Series 1: 3. Don't Forget the Sea

3.0 20 x
In a flashback, Terry visits Arabella in Ostia, where she is living large. After procuring party favours from Biagio, Arabella and Terry each have a wild night.