Last Chance Lawyer NYC

October 2018

7. The Med: Spain/Morocco/Italy...

3.0 10 x
Four-part series that follows the exploits of attorney at law Howard Greenberg, a man who practises criminal law like you have never seen before. In this episode we discover that for Howard 'belief trumps everything' when it comes to fighting a case, as he takes on a new defendant who is in deep trouble. 27-year-old Tiffan...

Shorts: 88. Northern Islands

3.0 8 x
Following the exploits of Howard Greenberg, a man who practices criminal law like you have never seen it before. From his office in Brooklyn, Howard wages 'war' against the government. He believes that the state is out to screw over its citizens and that the power of advocacy can, in his expert hands, save his clients from...
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