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Animated series. It is Chima's coldest hour as the Hunters launch their final attack.

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Series 3
Animated series. All hope seems lost as our heroes venture into the savage Outlands.
Animated series. Could the surprise return of an old ally offer some hope to our heroes?
Animated series. Laval, Eris and Cragger join King Fluminox on a daring rescue mission.
Animated series. A desperate Tormak betrays the Phoenix tribe and steals an Artefact.
Animated series. Laval tries to mount a rescue to save the Kings and Li'Ella.
Animated series. An ill-suited Laval is forced to take over as King of the Lion tribe.
Animated series. Laval gives a tour of the Lion City to his girlfriend Li'Ella.
Animated series. Our heroes continue to push the Hunters back, but where have they got to?
Animated series. The tribes of Chima launch a furious counter-assault against the Hunters.
Animated series. King Laval, Cragger, Eris and their friends are ordered to defend a hill.
Animated series. Laval and Cragger must prove themselves worthy of the Fire CHI.
Animated series. Eris convinces Cragger and Laval to travel to the top of Mount Cavora.
Animated series. The animal tribes try to fight back against the Hunters and their leader.
Animated series. All is well in Chima, but Eris is having disturbing dreams of fire...
Series 2
Animated series. Laval must overcome his greatest fear to rescue the Lion Legend Beast.
Animated series. The heroes come to Worriz and Cragger's aid when they get captured.
Animated series. The Scorpions and Spiders set a tricky trap for our heroes.
Animated series. Things start to go missing at the heroes' outpost.
Animated series. The Gorilla and Rhino Legend Beasts are captured by a tribe of Spiders.