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LEGO Masters Australia

Finale: It's the final. The teams have 28 hours to build whatever they want. Whose masterpiece will win them the $100,000 and the Lego Masters title? (S1 Ep9)

Series 1
Time Train: The teams have to build a time train diorama set across four time periods - Prehistoric, Medieval, The Old West and The Future. (S1 Ep8)
Duplicate Classic Movie Scene: The teams have eight hours to replicate the DeLorean from Back to the Future, then have ten hours to recreate a classic movie scene. (S1 Ep7)
Evil Lair: The teams must build an evil lair and a vehicle for a brand new mini-figure super-villain. Can their vehicles pass the 'swooshability' test? (S1 Ep6)
The Bridge: The teams have 10 hours to build a bridge that will have to support an increasingly heavy remote-controlled truck. The strongest bridge wins. (S1 Ep5)
Break and Make and the Apartment: The teams have to break apart Lego parrots, then build something new. Next they have to build three storeys of an apartment block. (S1 Ep4)
Cut in Half: The seven remaining teams are given half an object, and must imaginatively construct the other half of it, in 10 hours. (S1 Ep3)
Blockbuster: In a space challenge, the teams have to create something out of this world. And they'll be judged on how spectacularly their build explodes in slow motion. (Ep2)
Mega City: The Lego blocks head to Australia. In the first challenge, the contestants are given an empty city block and 15 hours to create a section of the city. (S1 Ep1)
Series 4
Brand new series - Grand Finale: The three remaining teams have 28 hours to build anything they want, and will be judged by 200 members of the public. Who'll bag the $100,000? (S4 Ep14)
Brand new series - Sky's the Limit: The teams are given a Lego cloud and can create anything they like on it. One team makes a rainbow castle, another a fisherman catching birds. (S4 Ep13)
Brand new series - Three Act Story: The teams construct stories on rotating bases that have three different sections, representing the beginning, middle and end of their tales. (S4 Ep12)
Brand new series - Window to the Future: The remaining teams must build a vision of the future in 12 hours. One team constructs a zero gravity skatepark, another creates Doomsday. (S4 Ep11)
Brand new series - High Wire and Secret Cities: The teams have to create a build that can drag itself across a high wire, and then build a secret story inside a half-built city. (S4 Ep10)
Brand new series - Blown Away: The teams must create a build that functions from the power of a wind contraption. One pair opt for a wizard; another create a moving caterpillar. (S4 Ep9)
Brand new series - Spooky: The remaining teams must create a spooky place in 10 hours, each one on a baseplate that surrounds a scary castle. (S4 Ep8)
Brand new series - Dragon Race and Grandscapes: The teams must build tiny dragons that are small enough to fly on a drone. Whoever wins gets an advantage for the second build. (S4 Ep7)
Bridge Too Far: The teams need to create a bridge that can survive two shaking plates. If more than one bridge survives all 12 levels of shaking, the prettiest bridge wins. (S4 Ep6)
Brand new series - Cut-Away: The teams have 10 hours to build a model at minifigure scale that's whole on one side but, when it's spun around, reveals a world that's cut in half. (S4 Ep5)
Brand new series - Car of the Future: The builders make a futuristic car that balances on a magnetic platform and bring an old object to 'life'. (S4 Ep4)