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Love! Love! Love!

Freya is blown away by this week’s challenge as she tries indoor skydiving, and Blue Peter’s newest presenter Abby Cook shares her awesome playlist!

Series 1
Max and Harvey find out why adventure parks are trending, and Lagging's Seyi Andes-Pelumi creates an epic playlist.
Max and Harvey are told what to do by Love Love Love’s very own artificial intelligence, and Radio 1 DJ Arielle Free adds her favourite tunes to the queue.
Viral stars Brookie and Jessie show Freya all there is to know about creating a dance trend, and Molly Rainford reveals an impressive playlist.
Social media star Manny shows Donel how to make eye-catching science experiments, and Max and Harvey try not to laugh in this week’s trend.
Freya sings along to the latest online trend and Tillie chats to Strictly finalist Fleur East about her brand new music!
Freya is joined by a special friend at the roller rink to practise their rollerskating skills, and Strictly’s Karen and Gorka share a playlist they love dancing to!
Max and Harvey go head-to-head in a series of goofy challenges as they find out why golf is trending, and singer Conor Maynard reveals his playlist.
Max and Harvey put their strength and flexibility to the test when they meet acrobatic performers, and Tillie finds out what it’s like to be Tracy Beaker’s daughter.
Freya tests her vocals in the ultimate music challenge, and Tillie finds out what it’s like to have a gangsta granny when she chats to actor Archie Yates.
Max and Harvey plan an epic games night and test out the latest viral challenges, while Poppy O’Toole whips up an extraordinary playlist and chats about trending potatoes.
Shereen and Hana Martin learn all about being stylish and sustainable, and Tim Peake brings us some out of this world tracks to Add to Queue!
Max and Harvey check out why puppy yoga is trending, and Dr Alex brightens up the day with his favourite tracks.
Stephen Mulhern teaches Donel some magic and brings us his favourite tracks. Max and Harvey take on a viral balloon obstacle course challenge.
Donel heads to Notting Hill to learn all about the carnival and try his skills out on the steel drums. Meanwhile, Macy Chipping adds her favourite tracks to our queue.
Shereen takes to the big stage to test out her Tudor theatrics, New Hope Club bring us their top tunes, and Max and Harvey show off the latest viral trend.
Max and Harvey investigate a viral potato trend with chef Poppy O’Toole. Meanwhile, Rhys Stephenson brings us his favourite tunes, and Donel takes on the latest viral dance trend!
Shereen hits up the Edinburgh Fringe, Rosie Jones picks her favourite music, and Max and Harvey have a trend with a twist!
Keeping you on trend, Max and Harvey try out hover shoes, Donel teaches the latest dance viral and Shereen runs down the most used Hashtags.