Made In Britain

Made In Britain catch up

Series 1

Season 1, Episode 13 - Flymo Lawnmowers and Silent Night Mattresses

4.0 2 x
Taking a look at one of Britain's best-selling lawnmowers and a well-known mattress brand.
Series 3

Series 3, Episode 2

4.5 1 x
A look at the making of Cornish pasties, umbrellas, vintage-style jukeboxes and carpets.

Series 3, Episode 1

4.0 5 x
This episode features Soreen, ear-splitting whistles, drums and sheds.
Series 1

Series 1, Episode 6

Expired 4.0 2 x
A look at the creation of Yorkshire Tea, Kentish ale, lava lamps and policemen's helmets.
Series 3

Series 3, Episode 10

4.0 3 x
Featuring cashmere, jigsaw puzzles, cockles, laver bread and British teapots.

Series 3, Episode 9

3.0 10 x
Featuring Scotch eggs, compasses, soap and teddy bears.

Series 3, Episode 8

4.0 2 x
A look at British rum, making a George Cross, handmade wooden canoes and tools.

Series 3, Episode 7

4.0 2 x
A look at vinyl turntables, elderflower cordial, telescopes and model trains.

Series 3, Episode 6

3.0 1 x
A look at Pimm's, Household Cavalry uniforms, polo mallets and street lights.

Series 3, Episode 5

3.0 2 x
A look at double glazing at a UPVC recycling plant, the ancient art of milling for a Welsh Bara Brith, Sheffield steel for Olympic ice skates and a craftsman making banjos.