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MasterChef: The Professionals

The remaining chefs have the chance to cook themselves into the MasterChef history books in the grand final.

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Series 16
It’s finals week, and just three incredible chefs remain. Embarking on the trip of a lifetime to Denmark, they will enter a world of gastronomy that goes beyond anything they have encountered before.
Just six chefs left, split into two groups of three. The first group have the challenge of managing a lunch service like no other at Jeremy Chan's two Michelin star restaurant, Ikoyi.
It’s finals week on MasterChef: The Professionals, and only the strongest four chefs remain. The pressure is on as the race for the title reaches fever pitch.
After five weeks of fraught competition, it’s the semi-finals and eight supremely talented chefs remain standing.
The second group of three semi-finalists head to Staffordshire to cook under the guidance of the founder of a Michelin star restaurant.
The stakes are high as Knockout Week continues on MasterChef: The Professionals, and the 10 remaining chefs are split into two groups.
After four weeks of hard competition, it’s Knockout Week on MasterChef: The Professionals as the 12 most talented chefs left standing come together for the very first time.
The last group of five get their taste of the real world as they take the helm of the MasterChef: The Professionals pop-up in the heart of central London.
It’s the final heat of MasterChef: The Professionals, and the four remaining hopefuls sample the pressure in the MasterChef kitchen across two challenges set by Monica, Marcus and Gregg.
It’s the last week of heats, and another four ambitious chefs go all out to impress Marcus, Monica and Gregg as their race for the title begins.
It’s the last MasterChef: The Professionals quarter-final, and the four best chefs from this week’s heats return to the MasterChef kitchen where the judges turn up the heat with two more challenges.
The hunt for the champion continues as Gregg, Monica and Marcus put four new chefs to the test to determine who can withstand the pressure of the MasterChef Kitchen.
The Heats continue as four more brave chefs start their MasterChef journey with their sights set on the title.
It's the quarter-final, and the best four chefs from this week’s heats return to face two more daunting challenges set by judges Monica and Marcus.
In the second heat of the week, four new hopefuls must prove to Monica, Marcus and Gregg that they have the talent, flair and commitment to reach the quarter-final.
It’s the quarter-final, and the four best chefs from this week’s heats return to the MasterChef kitchen, where they must prove themselves in two challenges set to test even the most experienced chefs.
Four more chefs face Skills Tests. Two must prepare and cook spiced monkfish, while the others demonstrate their pastry skills with a twist on a banana sundae.
Four of the country’s most determined chefs make the journey to the MasterChef kitchen. The two challenges ahead of them are set to test their skill under the unforgiving gaze of the judges.
This year’s first quarter-final sees the strongest five chefs from the first two heats return to battle it out in the MasterChef kitchen.