Matt Baker's Travels In The Country: USA

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Matt Baker's Travels In The Country: USA

...Country: USA: On the Californian coast, Matt visits the USA's only ocean-based abalone farm and lends a hand on a Monterey Jack cheese farm. (Ep6/6)

...Country: USA: Matt gets a rare up-close encounter with elephant seals on California's Pacific coast, visits a wild-west town, and meets a surfing dog. (Ep5/6)
...Country: USA: In the Mojave Desert, Matt lends a hand with some Joshua trees, helps rangers close an old gold mine, and explores the Blythe Intaglios. (Ep4/6)
...Country: USA: In Texas, Matt experiences the world's oldest rodeo, and visits a firm that's been kitting out cowboys, presidents and rock stars for 100 years. (Ep3/6)
...Country: USA: Matt experiences Florida's bewildering variety of fruit production, visits Texas's jaw-dropping Caprock Canyons State Park and meets some wild bison. (Ep2/6)
...Country: USA: Matt Baker explores rural life in the USA. In Florida he farms cattle, cuts cane, experiences cowboy poetry and helps with coral reef restoration. (Ep1/6)