Molly And Mack

November 2019

Series 2: 12. Bike Class

3.0 2 x
James has organised a bike class, but Caitlin is too proud to admit she can't ride a bike. Euan tries to persuade her to own up, but she won't listen. Can Molly save the day?

Series 2: 11. Willow the Goat

3.0 5 x
Suki and Daisy go to Mrs Anderson's farm to check on Willow the Goat. James and Mack have fun with a remote control car, but things get a bit out of hand and Moira isn't happy.

Series 2: 10. Goodbye Daisy

4.0 3 x
Molly overhears Daisy talking about a job in Australia and thinks she is leaving Bridgetown forever. She organises a Big Hub flash mob to try and make Daisy change her mind.

Series 2: 9. Moira's Big Plan

3.0 0 x
When people keep asking Moira for directions, Molly has the idea to make a big plan of the Big Hub. Bob takes photos, but they end up getting ruined. Luckily, Suki thinks she might be able to help.

Series 2: 8. Mud Monster

4.0 3 x
Bob has hurt his back, so Mack and James offer to weed his plot before an allotment inspection. They almost run out of time, but then Caitlin accidentally makes a mud monster that gives James an idea.

Series 2: 7. Chef for the Day

4.0 2 x
Magnus becomes 'Chef for the Day' at the Wobbly Coffee Pot. When Mrs J gets called away, he and James try making her Spicy Sausage Surprise, but neither of them has the recipe.

Series 2: 6. Toy Vet Suki

3.0 1 x
When Molly and Suki discover a stray mummy cat and her kittens hiding in a box, Molly helps Suki to act like a real vet and keep the cat and her kittens safe and well.

Series 2: 5. Show and Tell

4.0 2 x
For Show and Tell, Ruby has brought a very special music box with ballerina Princess Betty inside. When the box gets locked by accident, Molly needs to find a tiny key – and fast.

Series 2: 4. Cafe Juniper

3.0 1 x
When Moira raves about the fancy new cafe in town, Mrs Juniper decides to give the Wobbly Coffee Pot Cafe a makeover. She is delighted with the result, but her customers don't seem so keen.

Series 2: 3. Dad's Day Off

4.0 1 x
James and Alice go on a picnic, leaving Mrs Juniper and Moira to run the Kids Club, which is harder than it looks. Soon Alice and James find they have some unexpected company.
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