Molly And Mack

Series 3

Series 3, Episode 20 - The Proposal

3.0 4 x
James plans to propose to Alice, but Molly wants to make sure it’s super special. The kids are exchanging ‘happy notes’, but an accidental mix-up causes a lot of confusion.

Series 3, Episode 19 - The Bridgetown Sea Monster

4.0 6 x
Mrs Juniper trials a new smoothie with an extra special secret ingredient. Ruby is convinced she saw a sea monster at the beach with her dad. The gang decide to investigate.

Series 3, Episode 18 - Hidden Talents

3.0 3 x
Bob needs help translating a French instruction manual. Mrs Juniper reveals that she can speak French - it’s her hidden talent! The Hubbers think about their own hidden talents.

Series 3, Episode 17 - Ruby's Special Day

3.0 6 x
Daisy and Suki look after the farm for Mrs Anderson. All is well, until cheeky Willow the goat escapes! Magnus and Molly are on a mission to celebrate Ruby’s ‘special day’.

Series 3, Episode 16 - Molly's Song

4.0 1 x
Everyone is missing Molly, who’s been off all week with chickenpox and is really fed up. They decide to sing a song to cheer her up, but can Mack write the perfect song for Molly?

Series 3, Episode 15 - Grasshopper Pie

4.0 0 x
Mrs Juniper’s ‘Grasshopper Pie’ is the talk of the Hub, but Moira’s not sure about it. Suki helps Daisy at the vets when there’s an emergency with Mrs Anderson’s dog, Bonnie.

Series 3, Episode 14 - Big Brother

4.0 1 x
Mack gets a delivery of new toys for his stall that remind him of Molly. Alice wonders what it would be like to have a brother or sister.

Series 3, Episode 13 - The Library

4.0 0 x
When Magnus brings in his old toys for the Kids Club, he and Euan decide to create a toy library. But it causes an upset as Euan and Caitlin have their eye on the same toy.

Series 3, Episode 12 - Molly Gets Involved

4.0 1 x
Mack repairs Daisy’s old toy dog as a surprise, and Molly can’t wait for her reaction. But Molly’s meddling causes Daisy and Mack to fall out, and it’s down to her to fix things.

Series 3, Episode 11 - Ruby's Wish

4.0 0 x
Bob is nominated for the Bridgetown Green Hero Award, but can’t stand all the fuss. Ruby makes a wish at Bob’s allotment, and Magnus tries his best to guess what it is.