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Molly And Mack

Alice gets an important phone call from her mum in Canada. Mrs Juniper and Moira are bickering, and Caitlin’s cheeky ‘chatterbox’ message doesn’t help matters.

Series 4
James is reminded that it’s his anniversary – five years since he opened the Kids Club. He and Alice look back on their memories, both good and not quite so good.
Series 5
Magnus brings little brother Lennox to Kids Club for the first time and hopes he’ll fit in. Molly advises him not to worry, but elsewhere her advice has unintended consequences.
Series 4
Euan and his mum have been offered a forever home, and they have to move in immediately. Caitlin worries that Euan won’t feel at home right away, so she decides to make him a present.
Moira lets Suki keep her pet mouse, Otto, in her office for the day – as long as his cage stays closed. Moira breaks her own rule, and chaos ensues as Otto ends up loose in the Hub.
Series 5
Molly is shocked when she hears this is Suki’s last day at the Big Hub. She decides to organise a party and enlists the help of the Hubbers, including new stallholders Kez and Ayesha.
Series 4
Moira is worried, as the Hub has been very quiet lately. Caitlin comes up with an unusual idea to attract customers and stop her granny from worrying.
Molly helps Alice arrange a surprise for James, but he is planning the exact same gift for her! Molly goes on a mission to help deliver the gifts without ruining the surprise.
James and Molly see a hedgehog outside the Hub. Suki is worried, so they ask Daisy to help find Snuffles a new home. Meanwhile, Bob is dealing with a slug invasion at his allotment.
Euan’s plans with his mum fall through, so Molly organises a treasure hunt to cheer him up. Moira accidentally breaks the treasure and has to find a replacement – fast!
James and Alice try four different wedding cakes, but can’t decide which one to choose. Molly suggests a game of ‘weddings’, but finds out that not everyone wants to get married.
Series 3
When Alice plays a silly prank on James, he starts plotting his revenge. As the jokes continue, Magnus decides to join in and play a joke on Suki - but things don't go to plan.
Bob smuggles his baby chicks into the Big Hub, despite Moira’s ‘No Pets’ rule. But they are very noisy! Bob and Mack need to find a way to keep them quiet before Moira notices.
Caitlin doesn’t want to admit that she’s grown out of her favourite space dungarees. When Alice teaches Caitlin and James to samba dance, there are nearly disastrous results.
When Mack discovers a guitar that looks just like his mum’s, Alice encourages him to start playing again. Meanwhile, Moira finds some roller boots and decides to give them a spin.
Mack wants his game day at the Big Hub to be a success. But no-one understands Magnus’s favourite game, and Mrs Juniper and Moira get a bit competitive over Snakes and Ladders.
Bob’s identical twin, Ted, comes to the Big Hub for a visit. When Molly finds out that they used to pretend to be one another as kids, she has an idea.
Caitlin accidentally breaks one of her Granny Moira’s walkie-talkies. Bob and Mack are roped in to help her fix it and put it back in Moira's office before she notices.
James and Alice are officially in love. They want to tell Mrs Juniper first, so they ask Molly and Mack to keep it to themselves. It isn’t easy though, as good news travels fast!
Series 5
It’s Molly and Mack’s last day in the Big Hub. They both tell each other that they don’t want a goodbye party, but they really do. Caitlin has big plans, and a great time is had by all.