Murder Case

Series 2

Series 2, Episode 2 - Inside the Enquiry

4.0 31 x
Exploring what it is like to work on devastating cases, like the murder of Alesha MacPhail and the disappearance of Julie Reilly.

Series 2, Episode 1 - Captured on Camera

4.0 39 x
The detectives investigate the case of 37-year-old Paul Mathieson, who was brutally assaulted and found fighting for his life on a street in Renfrew.

Series 1: 3. Motive Unknown

4.0 131 x
Stephen Wallace is found dead in his Paisley home from a number of injuries. The detectives comb the crime scene for clues which will lead them to his killer.

Series 1: 2. The Search for Julie Reilly

3.3 186 x
This episode starts with the interrogation of the detective’s number one suspect. With no body, it takes all the detectives' skill to prove the case and charge their suspect.

Series 1: 1. The Disappearance of Julie Reilly

4.9 345 x
In March 2018, Julie Reilly was reported missing. The skilled investigators of Police Scotland’s major investigations team take up the case.