Murder In The Outback

June 2020

Episode 4

4.3 218 x
...Falconio and Lees Mystery: A closer look at crucial DNA evidence raises serious questions about this controversial crime. Are they enough to re-open the case? (Ep4)

Episode 3

4.0 179 x
...Falconio and Lees Mystery: Bradley Murdoch was found guilty of killing British backpacker Peter Falconio. But other suspects and crucial CCTV footage leave the verdict in doubt. (Ep3)

Episode 2

4.5 143 x
...Falconio and Lees Mystery: The detailed re-examination of the Falconio murder case continues with a close look at girlfriend Joanne Lees, the sole eyewitness to the night's events. (Ep2)

Episode 1

4.0 338 x
...Falconio and Lees Mystery: Leading experts launch a detailed re-investigation of the infamous case, a horror story of abduction and death that's always been clouded with doubt. (Ep1)
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