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My Adventures With Superman

Brand new series - Hearts of the Fathers: Clark, Lois and Jimmy head to the Kent farm to celebrate Thanksgiving. But things turn ugly as Task Force X, family and Kryptonite collide. (Ep10)

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December 2023
Brand new series - Zero Day: Part Two: Superman faces The General, leader of Task Force X. Meanwhile, Lois and Jimmy must find Superman before Dr Ivo destroys Metropolis. (Ep9)
Brand new series - Zero Day: Part One: Lois meets her journalism idol, Vicki Vale - but Vicki makes Lois question her loyalty to Superman. Meanwhile, Superman hunts down Task Force X. (Ep8)
Brand new series - Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal: Clark plans a normal date without Superman - but Mr Mxyzptlk sweeps him, Jimmy and Lois into a high-stakes, multiverse-hopping chase. (Ep7)
November 2023
Brand new series - My Adventures with Mad Science: Jimmy's kidnapped and it's up to Lois and Clark to save him - but it's a dangerous mission with mad scientists and military secrets. (Ep6)
Brand new series - You Will Believe a Man Can Lie: Superman tracks down dangerous weapons in the city and ends up in the crosshairs of the mysterious Task Force X. Animation. (Ep5)
Brand new series - Let's Go to Ivo Tower, You Say: Clark, Lois and Jimmy cover a glitzy gala hosted by tech-billionaire Dr Ivo, who unleashes an invention that can take down Superman. (Ep4)
Brand new series - My Interview with Superman: Lois wants to interview Superman for the Daily Planet. And criminal ring Intergang get their hands on some unstable weapons. (Ep3)
October 2023
Brand new series - Adventures of a Normal Man Pt. 2: Clark returns to the Kent farm with questions about where he's from. Lois and Jimmy track down the mercenary Livewire. Animation. (Ep2)
Brand new series - Adventures of a Normal Man Pt. 1: Daily Planet interns Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane investigate stolen military robots in this new animated adventure. (Ep1)