My Hotter Half

March 2018

Episode 20 Luke & Phoebe and Chris & Curtis

Expired 4.7 108 x
Luke loves baggy jumpers and flat caps. Phoebe likes glamming up. But who's the hottest? And Chris and Curtis wager kilt vs diamond encrusted suit.

Episode 19 Kate & Oli and Kelly & Stephen

Expired 4.4 304 x
Farmer girl Kate takes on MMA-fighting boyfriend Oli. And vintage fan Kelly battles with bearded boyfriend Stephen in a battle of hotness.

Episode 18 Holly & Matt and Jess & Karl

Expired 4.0 54 x
Air steward Holly faces off against braces-loving boyfriend Matt. And controversial dressers Jess and Karl vie to be crowned the hotter half.

Episode 17 Molly & Jordan and Simone & Maisie

Expired 3.0 143 x
This time there's a beauty queen, a skater, some glam and some sweatpants

Episode 16 Sian & Ken and Tia & Steve

Expired 4.0 130 x
Sian, a self-styled Barbie, takes on her real-life Ken in a bid to see who's hot. And beauty queen Tia wants her lumberjack chic boyfriend Steve to admit he's punching.

Episode 15 Charlie & Ellie and Jake & Jade

Expired 3.5 181 x
Charlie and his loud blazers faces casual look girlfriend Ellie. Then it's goth rockers Jake and Jade's turn to see who's hot and who's not.

Episode 14 James & Annabelle and Charley & Can

Expired 4.0 80 x
Hotties James and Annabelle both think they're the better looking partner. And Essex-y beasts Charley and Can also go head to head.

Episode 13 Chiara & Valentina and Dan & Abbie

Expired 4.0 51 x
First up are married Italian couple Chiara and Valentina, then another married pair, Dan and Abbie, who all face off to see who's the hottest half

Episode 12 Alice & Olivia and Jordan & Charlie

Expired 4.5 173 x
Sisters Alice and Olivia face off in a style showdown. Boyfriends Jordan and Charlie find out who's the more stylish and better looking.

Episode 11 Enroy & Erin and Gina & Brad

Expired 4.0 120 x
Hypebeast Enroy pitches his designer look versus girlfriend Erin's high street style. And can Gina and Brad both be punching or is one of them hotter by far?
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