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My Life

Fifteen-year-old indigenous activist Miyawata leads her local climate movement, which had big momentum until Covid hit. With the pandemic fading, can she get the movement going again?

April 2024
Following a group of young dancers as they try to win gold at the world’s biggest street dance competition.
The personal journey of 14-year-old Lewis, who has a passion for drag and is putting on a show called Proud to be Different.
March 2024
Stan is a 15-year-old snooker player who is determined to become a snooker champion. In order to achieve his dream, he must win one of his forthcoming tournaments.
Twelve-year-old Tilly is learning to live with two dads, as five years ago, her mother came out as a trans man. This film captures how Tilly copes when her mum becomes her dad.
A Fighting Chance follows young Muslim boxer Aida, in the lead up to her exhibition match. In just 3 months Aida will be facing her first ever opponent.
February 2024
Alfie, Brooke and Soffia put their experiences of being bullied behind them and set their sights on some big goals.
December 2023
Eight-year-old volunteer Cavanaugh is determined to spread love and positivity all across America, so he goes on an epic road trip with his mum in a car filled with supplies and good vibes.
Documentary. Young girl Chelcea shows us how she does her hair at home, shares her interest in natural hair remedies and gives us a glimpse into her wash day ritual.
Coding Genius follows 11-year-old Emmanuella, who takes her passion for coding to another level by launching a coding club in Abuja, Nigeria.
November 2023
Freya Skye burst onto the music scene representing the UK in Junior Eurovision 2022. Follow her next chapter as she finds her sound and who she is as an artist.
Eleven-year-old Australian guitar prodigy Taj has his world turned upside down during lockdown.
Three youngsters each try to change the accepted norm of beauty - from pushing the modelling industry to increase diversity to learning to love themselves for who they are.
Documentary following 12-year-old Selah as shewelcomes us into her world of dreams and drama. We find out how she lost her confidence and then rediscovered it through her love of acting.
Fourteen-year-old cheerleader Neisha works with choreographer Kate Stanforth to devise a dance with a one-tonne industrial robot.
The story of a 12-year-old boy waiting for a heart donor.
October 2023
Documentary following 14-year-old Aamilah as she prepares to take on the biggest challenge of her life so far - competing at one of the most prestigious horse races of the year.
Fourteen-year-old hedgehog rescuers Kyra and Sophie invite us into their garden hospitals to follow the rescue, rehabilitation and release of some of the poorly hedgehogs in their care.
Thirteen-year-old Lydia is embracing her beautiful bald look after losing her hair at a young age to the autoimmune condition alopecia areata.
Documentary following 15-year-old Ellie, who has anxiety and depression, as she goes on a trek in the Lake District with other young people facing similar issues.