My Life

December 2021

Series 12: Fighting for Fashion

3.0 1 x
Youth activist Anita reveals the journey many of our clothes make to get to the UK, explaining how fast fashion is bad for the environment and how second-hand shops are helping.

Series 12: I Just Want to Be Me

3.0 0 x
Documentary following 12-year-old Selah as shewelcomes us into her world of dreams and drama. We find out how she lost her confidence and then rediscovered it through her love of acting.

Series 6, Episode 8 - The Penguin Post Office

3.5 0 x
Documentary series. Amy and Daisy's dad is a wildlife cameraman making a film about penguins in Antarctica. They pack their bags and join him on the other side of the world.
November 2021

Series 12: Battle of the Ballroom

4.0 1 x
Ballroom dancers Bailey and Summer are on a quest to show off their cha-cha-cha at the Blackpool championships. But will all their practise pay off to win them a medal?

Series 12: Guitar Rock Star

3.0 8 x
Eleven-year-old Australian guitar prodigy Taj has his world turned upside down during lockdown.
August 2021

This is CBBC!

3.0 4 x
Sixteen-year-old Billy makes a film about his younger brother Alfie’s diabetes.
July 2021

Series 12: I'm Like a Fish

3.0 25 x
Mohammed from Gaza is on a mission to be his nation’s first Olympic swimming champion. He competes for a place on the team and makes a 2,000-mile journey alone
May 2021

Series 10: Street Dance Sisters

2.3 37 x
Following a group of young dancers as they try to win gold at the world’s biggest street dance competition.

Series 11: Picture Perfect

3.0 7 x
Picture Perfect is the story of a young Nigerian artist, 12-Year-old Kareem Waris who is working to put on his first exhibition in his hometown of Lagos.

Series 10, Episode 1 - The Street Reporter

4.0 6 x
Rustam is a reporter for a newspaper in India, which is written by children and about children. But this is no ordinary newspaper.