My Lover My Killer

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My Lover My Killer

A man's relationship with a woman ends in tragedy despite dreams of domestic bliss.

Series 1
Thelma Purchase was in the perfect position to cash in on Greg Baker's trust.
A scorned woman swears revenge against her lover after he ends their affair.
A man uses his charm to woo his fiancee's family, but he ultimately betrays their trust.
Millionaire Peter Morgan was infatuated with Georgina Symonds...
Taxi driver Ben Lacomba couldn't imagine an existence without Sarah and their children.
Series 2
Teen Jayden had no idea just how bad her boyfriend Ben Blakely was, until it was too late.
Living on a puppy farm was a dream that became a nightmare for Christine Lee.
How a frenzied attack left a child without its parents.
As Helen was planning a wedding, her fiance was plotting her murder.
Evie Adams longed to create a happy family but the man in her life wanted to destroy it.
Natalie Hemming disappeared soon after she split up from her partner Paul.
A doomed relationship marked by vices and violence ends in one's death.
A hairdresser with a bright future had no idea she would meet a violent end.
A successful businessman is overcome with jealousy and a night in the pub ends in tragedy.
How the obsessive Dhillon wouldn't take no for an answer and embarked on a final mission.
Series 1
A scorned woman swears revenge against her lover after he decides to end their affair and go back to his family, but as the situation evolves to include more upset individuals, a sinister plot forms to punish music producer Tanveer Iqbal.