My Unique B&B

Series 2

Series 2, Episode 14 - Tara's Tin Shed

4.0 1 x
Simon is in Wiltshire to help primary school teacher Tara create a unique B&B from her second-hand tin shed. However, planning permissions mean that the shed must be moveable.

Series 2, Episode 13 - Stacey's Bus

4.0 6 x
In Monmouthshire, Simon helps Stacey, a recycling centre worker, to breathe new life into a 1980s double-decker bus.

Series 2, Episode 12 - Michele and Tobin's Summerhouse

4.0 8 x
Simon and his team create a unique B&B in Devon that also plans to take four-legged guests. Michele and Tobin hope that their tired summerhouse and stables can offer lodgings for people and animals.

Series 2, Episode 11 - Bethan and John's Railway Carriage

3.0 6 x
Simon is in Shropshire to help vintage-vehicle-loving Bethan and John turn a 1940s railway goods carriage into a unique B&B located in their back garden.

Series 2, Episode 10 - Nigel and Maria's Caravan

3.0 19 x
Simon and team are in Devon, where Nigel and Maria want to convert a 1970s showman’s caravan into a one-of-a-kind place for people to come and stay.

Series 2, Episode 9 - Will's Combine Harvester

3.0 30 x
Simon and his team are in Lincolnshire to help farmer Will create a unique agricultural-themed B&B - he wants to turn an old combine harvester into a quirky getaway.

Series 2, Episode 8 - David, Sue and Katie's Treehouse

4.0 2 x
Simon and his team take an enchanted journey to Somerset, where owners Sue, David and Katie have asked for help to create a fairytale treehouse.

Series 2, Episode 7 - Toby and Islay's Sonar Hull

3.0 4 x
Simon and his team visit Toby and his daughter Islay in Pembrokeshire, where Toby needs help turning a sonar hull from a warship into a land-locked submarine.

Series 2, Episode 6 - Lynn and Mick's Romany Caravan

4.0 7 x
Simon and team are in Surrey to help Lynn and Mick restore an old bow-top Romany caravan to its former glory.

Series 2, Episode 5 - Danielle and Frank's Float Room

3.0 12 x
In Monmouthshire, on the Bristol Channel, a 100-year-old lighthouse is the venue for Simon and his team’s latest project.