Never the Twain

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Never the Twain

The vicar wants to sell his car and gets Simon to help.

Series 10
Simon is unhappy when Aunt Eleanor gives his bed to an old friend.
Simon and Oliver look forward to a weekend in the country.
Simon's dream of winning the football pools becomes a nightmare.
Simon has a female pen pal who he is looking forward to meeting.
Oliver and Simon both decide to stand for a council election.
Series 9
Oliver and Simon are off to Paris, but they are soon in trouble.
Simon tries to make peace with Oliver, but his rival doesn't care.
Simon arouses Oliver's suspicions and makes him subject to rumour.
Simon begins to feel as though his life is passing too quickly.
Simon looks for an assistant for his shop but gets into trouble.
Oliver is thrilled to get hold of tickets to a big rugby match.
Series 8
Simon and Oliver compete to ensure David and Lyn's happiness.
Simon and Oliver are worried when David and Lyn propose moving on.
Confusion arises when Simon has to go into hospital.
David prepares to break some bad news about the christening.
David and Lynn start looking for a home of their own.
Lyn, David, and their baby Martin return from Canada.
Series 7
Oliver has something to show from his gardening efforts.
Banks's absence leaves a void in Simon and Mrs Sadler's lives.