Old Jack's Boat

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Old Jack's Boat

Children's series. Emily wants a rainbow to shine over Staithes. Jack recalls the time that he and Salty set off to find the end of the rainbow.

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Series 1
Children's series. Miss Bowline-Hitch has been rushing around and needs to sit down for a rest. But all the seats are uncomfortable.
Children's series. Emily and Shelly start selling doughnuts, and the holes in the middle remind Jack of a time when the Rainbow had some holes too.
Children's series. It's Ernie's birthday and Shelly has made a special cake. But disaster is never far away from Ernie.
Children's series. Sam and Ernie are building a beach hut. Jack offers to fetch a feather duster to clean it with, and this reminds him of an adventure he once had.
Children's series. Jack is fixing the boiler and the loud sounds from the Rainbow keep interrupting Sam and Ernie's conversation.
Children's series. When Salty's ball hits it, Shelly's new pink recipe becomes a blobby mess.
Children's series. Shelly has decorated the Mermaid Cafe with balloons. Jack tells a tale of the time he had to deliver balloons to the tigerfish's party.
Children's series. Ernie loses his breakfast honey pot and has to chase it round the village.
Children's series. Miss Bowline-Hitch is taking photos of everyone in the village for her scrapbook, but Ernie doesn't like the tie he has been asked to wear.