Our Yorkshire Farm

March 2020

3. Episode 3

3.8 53 x
First priority is gathering 1,000 sheep and shearing them.

2. Episode 2

3.6 10 x
Amanda and Clive send their spring lambs to the moors.

1. Episode 1

3.8 37 x
It's Easter, but lessons on the farm have just begun.

4. Autumn

3.3 5 x
The children are baking entries for the village farm show.

3. Summer

3.0 3 x
The race is on to make the hay crop in the searing heat.

2. Spring

3.8 14 x
The arrival of spring brings the start of the lambing season.

1. Winter

4.5 40 x
As a blizzard blasts the farm, the Owens face a tough winter.

4. Episode 4

3.3 33 x
Late summer means hay time, but a storm halts the harvest.
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