October 2019

Series 2: 10. Bleugh

4.0 0 x
Pablo is feeling 'bleugh', so choosing is difficult. He wants to go to both the swimming pool and the library, and soon the two places are pouring into each other. Confusing!

Series 2: 9. Magic Towel

4.0 0 x
Llama keeps singing a song from a paper towel advert, making Pablo feel like he needs to keep spilling his juice so there will be something to wipe up.

Series 2: 8. The Floating Mattress

3.0 0 x
Pablo’s new mattress feels higher than his old one, like it is floating up into the sky. Now it’s up to him and the Book Animals to find a way to bring it down again.

Series 2: 7. Locomotion

4.0 1 x
Pablo loves the old steam trains at the transport museum. But he starts to feel sad that they are stuck in one place and wants to help them do what they were supposed to do.

Series 2: 6. Up in the Clouds

3.0 0 x
Pablo and the Book Animals are both excited and nervous about going on a plane. They find the best way to prepare is to go through the whole process in the Art World.

Series 2: 5. The Number Snake

4.0 1 x
Pablo’s mum is measuring the wall with what looks like a number snake. Pablo and his friends follow this creature through the Art World, amazed by all the things it can do!

Series 2: 4. The Swimming Pool

3.0 1 x
Pablo really wants to go swimming, but how can he get past the echoey walls, the cold wet floor and the smell of chlorine to reach the embrace of the water he loves?

Series 2: 3. Llama the Lion

3.0 3 x
Pablo wants to play with his shiny things, but his cardigan is in the way, making a scary shape. Nobody knows how to get past it until Llama bravely leads the way.

Series 2: 2. Chicken Pops

3.0 2 x
When Pablo gets Chicken Pops, so do all the Book Animals. Soon everyone is itching and they don’t know how to make it stop. Luckily, in the Real World, Mum has the answer.

Series 2: 1. The New Sofa

3.0 0 x
When Pablo finds the new sofa difficult to accept, the sofa becomes upset. The Book Animals help Pablo to realise that he and the sofa both need time to get to know each other.
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