April 2020

Series 2: 44. Pablo's Away Dream

3.0 0 x
Pablo is sitting still and staring into space. His friends wonder what’s up, until Wren finds another Pablo up in the fluffy clouds, taking a break from life’s many demands.
March 2020

Series 2: 43. Missing Colours

4.0 1 x
Pablo and his cousin are drawing together, but when Pablo thinks Lorna has taken some of his colours, he is upset. Luckily, Mouse can remember what really happened.

Series 2: 42. In Point of View

3.0 1 x
Pablo finds Granny’s glasses, but he can’t see through them properly. Mouse thinks they’re broken, Tang wants to make new ones and the sofa wants to hide them again.

Series 2: 36. Headache Volcano

4.0 1 x
It’s a hot sunny day, and Pablo is running around when his head starts to hurt. Pablo and the Book Animals wonder what is going on and discover an upset volcano!

Series 2: 41. Draff's Robot

3.0 2 x
People don't always want to hear Draff’s facts, so he decides to draw himself a robot who will. But is a robot that says you’re right all the time really a better friend?

Series 2: 35. Wheel of Pasta

4.0 0 x
Pablo is overwhelmed by all the different pasta shapes calling to him in the Super Place. He ends up lost in Pasta Land, struggling to choose which one to take home.

Series 2: 40. Joining Out

3.0 2 x
Pablo wants to play with Lorna and her friend, but it’s making Noa feel wobbly and that makes the Art World wobbly too. Can they all find a way to play without joining in?

Series 2: 34. Sun Cream

4.0 0 x
It’s a hot sunny day, but Mum is making Pablo stay in the shade because he doesn’t want any cold and sticky sun cream! Luckily, another type of sun cream comes to help.

Series 2: 39. Touchy Feely

3.0 2 x
Pablo is fascinated by the wrinkly hands of his elderly neighbour. He wants to see what they feel like and travel into the wonderful world of the landscape they evoke.

Series 2: 38. Oink, Cluck, Neigh!

4.0 2 x
At the city farm, Pablo tries being a chicken, a pig and a horse before Draff and the other Book Animals help him realise that being Pablo might be even better!
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