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Paul O'grady's Little Heroes

Paul meets 13-year-old Connor who is preparing for a bone marrow transplant.

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Series 2
Paul meets 13-year-old Noah who is awaiting an operation to correct a skull defect.
Paul meets energetic five-year-old Cora, who is suffering from cerebral palsy, and 10-year-old George who is having laser surgery for his birthmarks.
Paul meets sweet six-year-old Noah who was born with Alagille Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the body's organs. He also learns how to put together a prescription.
Paul heads to the hospital's mental health unit to meet charming 10-year-old Oscar, whose Tourette's syndrome is making him feel very anxious.
Paul meets five-year old chatterbox Daniel who has been confined to a wheelchair for two weeks after being struck down out the blue by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.