Planet Earth III

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Planet Earth III

This special Earth Day episode of Planet Earth III is narrated by schoolchildren across the UK. Because you don’t have to be Sir David Attenborough to become a voice for nature.

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Sir David Attenborough introduces conservation heroes fighting to save the world’s wildlife, from exploring remote jungles to going undercover to catch criminals in the illegal ivory trade.
Discover the extraordinary ways in which wildlife survives in a rapidly changing human world. From cobras hunting in houses to macaques stealing mobile phones to barter with.
David Attenborough presents an extreme world where animals battle to survive the elements – and life exists on a knife edge.
Sir David Attenborough journeys into the forests, where dogs communicate with whistles, treehoppers fight assassin bugs, ‘spirit bears’ fish, and hornbills imprison themselves in trees.
Fresh water is the lifeblood of planet Earth, where incredible animal dramas play out. From death-feigning fish to frogs that glide, each depends on fresh water for their survival.
Explore astonishing wild places and the most spectacular moments from Planet Earth III.
Episodes 2023
David Attenborough explores earth’s greatest wildernesses, where extraordinary life survives in unexpected ways, and nature puts on its most dramatic show.
A groundbreaking journey from tropical shallow seas to the mysterious depths. Sir David Attenborough reveals extraordinary new worlds and unique animal behaviours in the ocean.
Sir David Attenborough explores the dangerous frontiers created by the world's coasts, where animals fight for survival amidst constant change.