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Play For Today

A trilogy of loosely linked stories by Lewis Grassic Gibbon set in a Scottish east coast farming community in the interwar years. Dramatised for television by Bill Craig.

Play by Jim Hawkins and Horace Ové based on the events surrounding the ‘Spaghetti House’ siege, an armed robbery that went disastrously wrong.
Colin Welland’s play about what takes place after Harry kisses barmaid Audrey in front of the whole pub on his fiftieth birthday.
Episodes 2022
Bunny’s wife thinks he is a postman, but in reality he spends his days in the Scottish hills. One day he meets Jody, a fellow walker. A bittersweet tale starring Billy Connolly.
Third in a trilogy of plays by Graham Reid. Two years after Norman Martin left his family to seek work in England, news of his return home is met with mixed reactions.
Belfast 1978. The Martin family, one year on. Norman is away in England, and his eldest son Billy and daughter Lorna are in charge of their younger sisters Ann and Maureen.
First in a trilogy of plays about the Martin family. Billy's parents are estranged, and he finds it difficult living under the same roof as his father.
Acerbic comic drama about a neighbours' get-together in suburbia, in which the consumption of alcohol leads to the airing of prejudices and snobberies.
Episodes 2021
Mike Leigh's play centres around a middle-aged housewife and charwoman who is abused and exploited by almost everybody, including her daughter-in-law.
Episodes 2020
80s drama about a Merseyside tarmac gang away on a contract on Teesside. There's a chance for some local diversion with the natives while keeping up the spirit of free enterprise.
Rachel Billington's play about a battered wife.
Female workers at a textile factory clash with their own union in Colin Welland's story of a strike.
Jake McQuillan is brought up trying to emulate his dying grandfather, whom he sees as a living legend, and who was known as Greenock’s hardest man.
A family gathering, a christening and a dance. But it's 1945 and there are plans to be made, family wealth to protect and peace to be won.