Play For Today

November 2020

Series 10: The Black Stuff

3.0 20 x
80s drama about a Merseyside tarmac gang away on a contract on Teesside. There's a chance for some local diversion with the natives while keeping up the spirit of free enterprise.

Series 9: Don't Be Silly

3.1 201 x
Rachel Billington's play about a battered wife.

Series 5, Episode 1 - Leeds - United!

4.0 12 x
Female workers at a textile factory clash with their own union in Colin Welland's story of a strike.
October 2020

Series 10, Episode 1 - Just a Boys' Game

4.0 13 x
Jake McQuillan is brought up trying to emulate his dying grandfather, whom he sees as a living legend, and who was known as Greenock’s hardest man.

Series 10: A Hole in Babylon

4.0 15 x
Play by Jim Hawkins and Horace Ove based on the events surrounding the ‘Spaghetti House’ siege, an armed robbery that went disastrously wrong.

Series 8, Episode 1 - Abigail's Party

3.0 43 x
Acerbic comic drama about a neighbours' get-together in suburbia, in which the consumption of alcohol leads to the airing of prejudices and snobberies.

Series 12, Episode 1 - Country

3.0 14 x
A family gathering, a christening and a dance. But it's 1945 and there are plans to be made, family wealth to protect and peace to be won.