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Pokémon: XY

The heroes are exploring the world of Pokévision, and it’s full of cinematic surprises!

April 2024
Lumiose City is on the verge of ruin, but our heroes and friends are not about to stand by!
Lysandre and Team Flare are trying to take over Lumiose City!
The final round of the Kalos League is in high gear, and surprises are in abundance!
Series 19 - XYZ: 37. Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted! of the TV-show Pokémon: XY was broadcast by CBBC on Tuesday 9 April 2024 at 15:00.
The final round of the Kalos League is about to get under way, and there’s a lot going on!
A rescue during the heroes’ search for Squishy leaves one of their friends in danger!
The heroes are in Couriway Town for Serena’s next Pokémon Showcase.
The heroes are visiting Terminus Cave with hopes of seeing new Pokémon.
A visit to a Kalos region battling institution brings the heroes a surprising revelation!
As the Kalos League semi-final round continues, the audience are in for a rare treat!
The semi-finals of the Kalos League have arrived, bringing two intense battles!
The Kalos League rages toward the semi-finals. The red-hot battling never ceases to excite!
The Kalos League is getting under way, and the battle temperature is turned way up!
Movies: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages of the TV-show Pokémon: XY was broadcast by CBBC on Monday 1 April 2024 at 17:30.
Clemont invites the heroes to experience his true passion.
March 2024
On the eve of the village festival, the fate of Ninja Village hangs in the balance!
A visit to old friends confronts the heroes with a most unusual group of challenges!
Ash is back at Snowbelle City Gym for a rematch - will Gym Leader Wulfric feel the heat?
Following Ash’s defeat, some not-so-quiet reflection turns into inspiration!