Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service

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Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service

Children's animation. Pat is tasked with delivering a family of hibernating fruit bats to Amy. When the bats accidentally escape, he must find a way to rescue them.

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Series 1
Children's animation. Pat is delivering a telescope to Charlie. His satnav leads him in the wrong direction, however, and the van becomes stuck in mud.
Animation. Pat has to deliver a bouncy castle to Lauren's class, but the castle accidentally inflates inside the sorting office.
Series 3
Children's animation. Pat has an extra special delivery today - an actual pop star! But can he get him to the concert in time?
Series 1
Animation with Pat as head of the Special Delivery Service. When the sorting machine breaks, Pat is asked to deliver two of Ted's robots.
Animation with Pat as head of the Special Delivery Service. Pat must deliver a wind generator to Ted Glen's workshop, but strong winds make the job difficult.
Children's animation. Postman Pat is now head of the Special Delivery Service and must deliver the first prize in a treasure hunt, a tepee, but only Lauren knows where.
Children's animation. Postman Pat is now head of the Special Delivery Service. He must deliver a new cow to Alf, but Daisy has a habit of running away.
Series 2
Children's animation. The Greendale Flyer is ready for a trip to the seaside! Julian packs buckets, spades, kites and a picnic.
Children's animation. Poor old Alf has planted a big garden full of juicy raspberries, but the naughty birds are eating them all!
Children's animation. Mrs Goggins is really missing her home town in Scotland. A postcard from her sister hints that a gift is on its way.
Children's animation. Meera is expecting a gecko to arrive and has got a tank all ready and cosy to greet her new pet, called George.
Children's animation. Mrs Goggins has organised a fun sculpture trail, and lots of people have been busy making their own sculptures.
Children's animation. The train station in Pencaster is getting a brand new stained-glass window, but the locals do not approve.
Children's animation. Doctor Gilbertson has a visitor arriving in the afternoon - her sister's cat, Bess.
Children's animation. Dorothy is looking forward to a delivery from Pat - a hive of brand new honey bees!
Children's animation. Michael is organising restaurant night at school and all the children have been busy cooking and baking special dishes.
Children's animation. A metal detector has arrived for Ted, and he would like to use it to find his grandad's medal.
Children's animation. Pat has a special delivery for Amy - a brand new very special breed of sheep. But on the way to Amy's, the new sheep escapes.
Children's animation. Pat tries to deliver a church bell, but the windy weather gets in the way and he has to take to the air.