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Queen Of Oz

Georgie has taken on a more positive attitude, but then, one by one, things start to fall apart.

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Series 1
At an official dinner, Georgie fails miserably in her attempt to drum up business for Australia, leading to scathing criticism from both the media and the public.
After running into her old school bully Jessica, Georgie decides to host a dinner party for her in the hope that she can revel in Jessica’s life struggles since they last met.
Prince Frederick (Freddie), Georgie's golden child of a brother and heir to the British throne, arrives from London with some unwelcome news from their parents.
Georgiana's excitement about finally seeing her face on all the new Australian $5 notes is short-lived.
Princess Georgiana aka Georgie, unwanted spare to the British throne, arrives in Australia, kicking and screaming with her new staff.