Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA


Series 3 Episode 5 PJ's Steakhouse

3.0 0 x
Gordon travels to New York to visit PJ's Steakhouse. Owners Joe and Madalyn are in serious debt after opening the high end restaurant and are struggling to keep the business afloat.

Series 3 Episode 6 Fleming

3.0 0 x
Gordon visits Fleming, a Danish restaurant in Miami, Florida. It was once the best family-run restaurant in town, but now something is seriously wrong. Can Gordon save their bacon?

Classic American

3.0 0 x
Gordon travels to West Babylon, New York, to visit Classic American, a restaurant that - he soon discovers - does not live up to its name

Series 3 Episode 4 Mojitos

3.0 2 x
Gordon visits a Cuban cafe in Brooklyn. Owners Marcelo and Kata used to be married to each other but now fight over everything and their bickering is driving customers away.


3.0 0 x
Gordon visits Bazzini restaurant in New Jersey. Owner Paul Bazzini is an award-winning chef who decided to run his own restaurant, but who never realised how difficult the change would be.
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