Reunion Hotel

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Reunion Hotel

Sam wants to meet the fundraisers who helped transform her daughter Nova's life, Terry wants to meet his guide dog's trainer, and Pat wants to reunite with her former boss.

Series 1
An American woman meets the grandchild of the people who saved her mother from the Nazis, and a former soldier seeks forgiveness from his platoon commander.
A 70-year-old man hopes to meet his daughter, who was adopted at birth; two teenage friends hope to reconnect; and the former members of a polar expedition try to reunite.
A 60s girl band reunite with their favourite boy band, ex-addict Simon meets the man who turned his life around and Ellie thanks a teacher who was her rock after a terror attack.
Tegan fell on the Tube tracks and wants to meet the man who saved her, Lee hopes to find the brother he didn’t know he had, and a little girl thanks builders who changed her life.