Saving Lives In Leeds

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Saving Lives In Leeds

Children’s heart surgeon Osama Jaber must perform life-saving surgery on a 15-day-old baby, and neurosurgeon Kenan Deniz operates on a patient suffering from debilitating headaches.

Series 1
Cardiac surgeon Betsy Evans operates on a patient needing a critical double bypass, and neurosurgeon Ryan Mathew performs awake brain surgery on a patient with a growing tumour.
Surgeon Kostas Papagiannopoulos must investigate a suspicious growth on a patient’s lung, and cardiologist Andrew Hogarth treats a patient with a life-threatening infection.
Cardiac Surgeon Betsy Evans operates on her longest-waiting patient, and Professor Simon Kay aims to perform hand surgery on a teenage patient whose fingers are bent inwards.
Plastic surgeon Chris West stops an anxious cancer patient from leaving, and neurosurgeon Kenan Deniz operates on a rare tumour behind a patient’s ear that could paralyse her face.
Neurosurgeon Ryan Mathew must rebuild a man’s missing skull, and consultant Sheila Fraser removes a football-sized tumour from a patient’s abdomen, suspected to be cancerous.
Surgeon Naved Alizai operates on two children needing urgent liver surgery, and endocrine consultants Sheila Fraser and Emma Collins prepare to remove a tumour from a patient’s neck.
At Leeds General Infirmary, Professor Simon Kay stands ready to perform a rare double hand transplant; in neurosurgery, Kenan Deniz has two patients needing urgent brain surgery.