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Secret Life of Boys

The summer kicks off with a bang when Ginger and Matt return to find Robbie has stolen their secret room to start a band. Bob worries that Ginger's Dad is up to his old tricks.

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Series 4
Determined to stop Thane leaving for Africa, Granny Bob sets up a mock courtroom. Meanwhile, Matt finally has to confront Tabs, and Chris has to confront online trolls.
Robbie returns from Germany, and along with Thane, discovers a gift which leads to the boys setting up their own detective operation. And Corey feels that Granny Bob is outstaying her welcome.
Keen to avoid the annual Pranksgiving clear-up, Bob and Corey leave Granny Bob in charge. She attempts to get the house (and Matt's love life) in order in her own inimitable way.
Hoping to get even more subscribers, Chris hosts his own online show with Bob, Corey, Thane, Matt and even celebrity Dani Harmer making appearances.
Thane contends with unrest in the ranks during an animal rights meeting, Matt takes up mixed martial arts, and Chris learns about puberty in the most humiliating way possible.
Corey makes a shocking discovery about Thane, interrupting his date with Daisy. Matt vows to get over Tabs while at work with Bob, and Chris attempts to be an online sensation.
During a power cut, the family play a sinister board game that pushes them to the brink. Ethan becomes Thane, changing his name and his look.
Ginger holds the ultimate party, Ethan meets his dream girl, Matt becomes a security guard and Chris is treated to his own special day. What could possibly go wrong?
Ginger and Heath get involved in a dance battle, before battling one another. Robbie goes all out trying to buy a motorbike, and Corey tries to snap Matt out of his slump.
Ginger and Ethan are given the runaround while babysitting, Robbie and Andy's friendship is put to the test and a heartbroken Matt returns when Tabs rejects his proposal.
It's Christmas Eve, and Ginger has had a wonderful day out with her dad but can't help missing her UK family.
With the help of his brothers, Robbie tries something new to get over his fear of flying. Ginger tries her best to make up with Ethan.
Ethan and Ginger finally start talking again, until Ginger admits to Ethan that she may be the reason that Penny dumped him!
Ginger is worried that she has upset both Ethan and Robbie, and wants to make it right. Robbie feels just as bad and wants to get on the plane to apologise in person.
Ginger works with Robbie and Heath to get some intel on Ethan, but it backfires horribly.
Ginger discusses her boy problems with Matt; they turn out to be about Ethan rather than her boyfriend. Chris finalises his Father Christmas trap.
Ginger ups her efforts to get her family to come to Australia by enlisting the help of an annoying elf puppet named Eunice. Ethan comes up with a plan to gain Penny’s affections
Ginger plans on getting her cousins to Australia by any means necessary. She decides to prank-call them until they give up and get on that plane.
Comedy drama series. Ginger tries to make Ethan feel better after his break-up and Matt and Robbie promote their respective web shows.