See Hear


Series 39: 8. Deaf Brain

3.0 0 x
This episode explores the deaf brain and visits rehearsals for Deafinitely Theatre's new version of the play 4.48 Psychosis.

Series 39: Episode 7

4.0 4 x
Magazine for the deaf community highlighting the issues affecting the community.

Series 39: 6. Arts Special

3.0 0 x
The team visit Christine Sun Kim's art project with Frank Barnes School for Art Night London. Raymond Antrobus performs one of his poems and discusses his approach to his work.

Series 39: 5. Clin D’Oeil Special

3.0 4 x
Julian and Yvonne travel to Reims, France to visit the famous Clin D’Oeil biannual arts festival. Ramesh Meyappan discusses his new one-man show and John Smith tells us about his new sign songs.

Series 39: 4. Deaf Clubs in Decline

3.0 0 x
Investigating two deaf centres which closed within weeks of one another, leaving local deaf people without vital support. And Reg Cobb hosts his first ever radio show - in sign language!

Series 39: 3. Saving the Environment

4.0 7 x
Environmental scientist Ley Bergeron and eco warrior Lesley Sheldon give tips on living a sustainable life. Beekeeping enthusiast Kim Waine-Thomas advises on how to help the bee population flourish.

Series 39: 2. Talking about Mental Health

4.0 5 x
Julian and Yvonne are in the studio meeting with Victoria Nelson of Deaf4Deaf to talk about how deaf people can get the right help for their mental wellbeing.

Series 39: 1. The Emotional Impact of Interpreting

3.0 10 x
With little to no support available, is the emotional trauma of interpreting difficult situations causing interpreters to quit the profession and what can be done about it?

Series 19: 25. Gloucestershire

3.0 5 x
Series 19: 25. Gloucestershire of the TV-show See Hear was broadcast by BBC2 on Wednesday 6 March 2019 at 8:00.

Series 13: 25. Selby

3.0 5 x
Series 13: 25. Selby of the TV-show See Hear was broadcast by BBC2 on Wednesday 6 February 2019 at 8:00.
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