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A celebration of Deaf Awareness Week. Chris Beech and Nathan Young join Yvonne and Julian to talk about their campaign to create fair play for deaf athletes.

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Series 43
Looking at tips for wellness, both for the body and mind, plus a trip to the banks of the Thames to look for treasure with historian Peter Brown.
Jodie Ounsley, aka Fury, joins Yvonne and Julian in the studio to discuss what it’s like to be the UK’s first deaf Gladiator.
Can you cook something special that has the wow factor on a budget? Punk Chef has a few ideas. Also, discussions on the BSL GCSE and the cost-of-living crisis.
Nadeem Islam hosts a panel debate on what is means to be deaf in 21st-century Britain. This second episode asks - what does the future of the deaf community look like?
Nadeem Islam hosts a panel debate on what it means to be deaf in 21st-century Britain.
Jazzy Whipps and Benny Ngo take a road trip to the county of Yorkshire and discover the rich history and culture it has to offer.
Jazzy Whipps and Benny Ngo take a road trip down the east coast of the UK and discover the rich history and
Ruaridh Lever-Hogg and Dilara Earle take a look back at 2023, showcasing favourite See Hear stories and highlighting monumental achievements within the deaf community.
See Hear gets into the Christmas spirit with its annual panto. Yvonne and Julian catch up with Damaris Cooke and Rolf Choutan about their year in sport.
See Hear is dedicating an entire programme to support BBC Children in Need and are on a mission to spread BSL across the UK. They have a very special guest to help, Pudsey!
What are Yvonne and Julian raving about? Let’s find out after heading to the National Theatre to see a play on Indian history and meet Roger Cox, who breathes life into old books.
See Hear heads to Norfolk Deaf Festival, Sarah Scott gives tips on how deaf people can access yoga, and we pay a tribute to Sinead O’Connor, who famously signed one of her songs.
Yvonne and Radha meet Tyron Woolfe, who shares tips on solo travelling, there's a look at deaf people in space, and Morag Skelton climbs the Scottish Highlands.
The See Hear team are filming at Glastonbury. Yvonne and Julian meet a refugee boy who tells us about his remarkable journey to the UK. Evie Waddell brings a bit of festival magic.
Featuring the UK’s first BSL poet laureate, an Extinction Rebellion demonstration about climate change and the joy of creating things by hand.
Featuring a mum on a mission to get free BSL classes for parents of deaf children, a renowned portrait artist, and young people speaking out about their mental health.
Author Paddy Ladd pops in, there's a visit to a primary school rolling out BSL classes, and Wendy Daunt examines the BSL Act one year on.
Series 42
Featuring the new BSL commentator for live sport, a group translating the Bible into BSL and an investigation into problems with alcohol misuse.
See Hear celebrates Valentine’s Day and takes a look at wild water swimming, and actress Rhiannon May is in the studio.