Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb

October 2018

Buckinghamshire 2017

4.0 0 x
Three sellers compete for an offer from possible buyers. On the work list this time is a chaotic dining room, a tatty bedroom and a mismatched kitchen and lounge.

Thames Valley

4.0 0 x
Richard and Carrie make their home inviting. Susan and Hamnet get a lesson in design. And Paul and Shirley turn their daughter's massage space back into a bedroom.


3.0 0 x
Anna revamps an abandoned bedroom and confused dining room. Derek and Debbie tackle a log cabin in their garden. And Andrew and Rebecca must bring their dated house up to speed.

Essex 2017

3.0 0 x
Barrie and Janet tackle their frumpy front room. Robert's semi gets some much needed attention. And Joanne changes her home from stark to cosy.

West Oxfordshire

4.0 0 x
Three homeowners in West Oxfordshire make their properties ready for market, with refurbs including a junk bedroom and a confused kitchen diner


3.0 0 x
In Oxfordshire, the refurbs include a modern, open plan kitchen and a bedroom declutter. And a Cotswold stone cottage is restored to its former glory.

West Sussex

4.0 0 x
Three sellers primp their properties as they prepare to sell. The refurbs on show include a modern retro look and some farmhouse chic.

Worthing, West Sussex

3.0 3 x
Three homes in the seaside town of Worthing get a ready-for-market makeover, including an industrial-inspired bedroom and a stylish lounge


4.0 0 x
On the to-do list for the three homeowners is an en suite, a kitchen revamp, and a garden refresh. Will buyers Tom and Hayley make an offer?


3.0 1 x
Chris and Abbie must overhaul their garden; Maggie and Lee lighten up their lounge; and Paul and Gwyneth need to completely refit their mismatched bathroom.
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