Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb

July 2018


3.0 1 x
Three competing homeowners seek inspiration as they hatch plans to make their homes more desirable to attract an offer from buyer Lilly

Berkshire 2016

3.0 1 x
Chris and Fiona have a problem with chintz, Joey and Lisa must ditch the beige decor, and Natalie and Oliver need to remove the lizards from their lounge

North Wessex

3.0 1 x
In North Wessex, Anne brings colour to her garden, Christine and John focus on their mismatched dining room, and Kathy and Steve bring grandeur to their lounge

Brighton and Hove

3.0 1 x
Amanda helps three competing homeowners in Brighton and Hove get their homes ready for market with a view to tempting buyer Nina to make them an offer


3.0 0 x
Amanda helps three sellers in London give their houses a stylish makeover. But can any of them do enough to get an offer from buyer Danny?

Barnet and Enfield

3.0 2 x
Three sellers have a week and £1k to fix some shabby bedrooms, a chilly house, and some out-of-date kitchens and bathrooms, as they try to tempt buyer Sophie.

North East London

3.0 1 x
In north-east London, three competing sellers have one week, £1000 and design ideas from Amanda to help upgrade their home in a bid to impress buyer Angela

North London

3.0 2 x
Joe and Neneh seek to transform their pub-like kitchen, Sally and Bengi must do something with their dark and dingy living room, and Irene and Emma need to bring colour to their dining room


3.0 4 x
Three home owners in Essex check out each other's places as they compete to attract a buyer


3.0 2 x
Amanda helps three sellers in Ipswich get their homes ready for market, by warming-up a hallway, installing a dining room, or spray-painting a kitchen
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