Silent Witness

Series 27

Series 27, Episode 10 - King's Cross - Part 2

6 x
There are further twists ahead for Nikki, Jack and the team as they work with the police to explore multiple avenues to solve a 20-year-old case.

Series 27, Episode 9 - King's Cross - Part 1

16 x
When eight bodies are discovered below King’s Cross Station Museum, the team navigate the past and present to find the identity of the man dubbed 'The King’s Cross Serial Killer'.

Series 27, Episode 8 - Death by a Thousand Hits - Part 2

16 x
Nikki has a breakthrough and edges ever closer to the truth as they confront a key witness. Who can the team believe and, more importantly, who can they trust?

Series 27, Episode 7 - Death by a Thousand Hits - Part 1

16 x
When a Burmese man is found dead on a deserted beach, Nikki and Jack find themselves in uncharted territory in their search for the truth.

Series 27, Episode 6 - Invisible - Part 2

29 x
The team work to uncover the truth surrounding a death and consider if it’s linked to their original body. Meanwhile, DI Torres’s investigation reveals things no-one had expected.

Series 27, Episode 5 - Invisible - Part 1

5 x
A mummified corpse, undiscovered for a year, is found in a flat. The team strive to uncover its identity and are drawn into a murky world of drugs and botched plastic surgery.

Series 27, Episode 4 - Grievance Culture - Part 2

24 x
A disturbing scene presents a way forward in the investigation for Nikki and Jack. Professor Cherry continues to spiral, but who will he take down with him?

Series 27, Episode 3 - Grievance Culture - Part 1

19 x
The team pieces together the mystery of a man found dead on the shore of the Thames, while the life of a disgruntled criminology professor begins to unravel.

Series 27, Episode 2 - Effective Range - Part 2

14 x
With new evidence, the team give DCI Ford the information she needs for a surprising arrest. Meanwhile, the investigation takes a new turn whenthe suspect visits his daughter.

Series 27, Episode 1 - Effective Range - Part 1

15 x
A new murder victim forces the team to consider whether a notorious serial killer has resurfaced after 20 years, or if they are dealing with a copycat.

Blood, Sweat and Tears: Part 1

6 x
A boxer dies from brain injuries mid-bout. A new DSI takes over the team's investigations. Sam and Wyn bury their mother.

Blood, Sweat and Tears: Part 2

20 x
Sam discovers why Kevin entered a bare knuckle fight, as well as uncovering evidence of more foul play in the boxing circuit.
Series 25

Series 25, Episode 6 - History, Part 6

101 x
Events lead Nikki to conclude that getting the truth will put the Lyell team and everything they love in danger.

Series 25, Episode 5 - History, Part 5

32 x
The death of an investigative journalist throws the spotlight onto Sam Ryan. Nikki begins to realise that the implications of her discoveries will challenge the principles of forensic science.

Series 25, Episode 4 - History, Part 4

51 x
Jack’s father sends him on an urgent mission into the mysteries of his past. Meanwhile, Nikki and Simone investigate a body that seems to hold puzzles of its own.

Series 25, Episode 3 - History, Part 3

28 x
When Florence Clarke confesses to the murder of her husband, the investigating detective reveals a startling connection to a painful secret for Simone.

Series 25, Episode 2 - History, Part 2

46 x
DNA evidence linked to the health secretary’s assassination forces Nikki to face her past in the present.

Series 25, Episode 1 - History, Part 1

41 x
Sam Ryan recruits the Lyell team to investigate the assassination of the health secretary, but Nikki is unsure whether Sam knows more than she's letting on.
Series 24

Series 24, Episode 10 - Matters of Life and Death, Part 2

158 x
Stranded in the flooded care home, Jack and Simone fight to keep the residents alive - but Nikki discovers that they may be trapped inside with the killer.

Series 24, Episode 9 - Matters of Life and Death, Part 1

79 x
Nikki’s students make an alarming discovery while dissecting a body donated for their training. Jack and Simone try to save care home residents from a flood.