February 2020

Series 3: 10. Other Lives

4.0 5 x
Franklin lies between life and death and considers the kind of man he has become and the kind of man he could be. Might he bring stability to the troubled streets he helped to create?

Series 3: 9. Blackout

4.5 7 x
In the aftermath of the shooting, Franklin wants everyone in the family to lay low. They don’t know how much he is hiding or the pressure he is under, but Melody suspects the truth.

Series 3: 8. Hedgehogs

3.0 4 x
Teddy and Franklin have both been careful, but now each of them suddenly finds himself compromised, with their operation potentially crashing down around their ears.

Series 3: 7. Pocket Full of Rocks

3.0 10 x
After Melody fails to come home, Andre turns to Franklin. A hunt across the entire West Side forces Franklin to confront the realities of his empire.

Series 3: 6. Confessions

3.0 15 x
Alton tells Franklin some truths about the CIA, so Franklin begins digging into his family history - and into Teddy’s. Julia learns the reality of what Teddy has been doing.

Series 3: 5. The Bottoms

4.0 12 x
Franklin finds a way of showing Officer Wright that he can get to him and begins expanding into other areas and working with other gangs - but that brings unpredictability.

Series 3: 4. The Game That Moves As You Play

4.0 5 x
Teddy learns that Gustavo and Mariela are not so easily controlled as he thought; he has another body to bury and yet more lies to tell. Louie gives Manboy an ultimatum.

Series 3: 3. Cash and Carry

3.0 8 x
Franklin needs new banking arrangements and turns to his well-connected former nemesis, Avi. Teddy and Julia make contact with their man in Costa Rica but need to earn his trust.

Series 3: 2. The More You Make

4.0 11 x
Leon doesn’t want to trust their old schoolfriend - but Franklin is playing a longer game. Officer Wright sees a chance to make his first move. Lorena worries her cover is blown.

Series 3: 1. Protect and Swerve

4.0 9 x
After the betrayals that saw him on a murder charge and on the ropes, Franklin has squared things with his family, and his gang now rule the streets. But the streets are changing.