So Dumb It's Criminal: Hosted By Snoop Dogg

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So Dumb It's Criminal: Hosted By Snoop Dogg

Snoop, Russell Peters and Lewis Belt watch clips of the worst getaway ever, a criminal taking out his partner with a brick and the Pot Brothers attorneys giving poor legal advice

October 2023
Snoop, Ron Funches and Deon Cole examine a clip of a group who took 'everything must go' too literally.
Snoop, Loni Love and DeRay Davis examine clips of a disorderly woman grinding on her arresting officer and two women taking aim, one with a paintball gun and the other with a car
Snoop, Jim Jefferies and Diallo Riddle watch clips of a Florida man shooting at some work trucks, a thief who was guided by the words of God and a little Aussie insanity
Hit and Run, Just for Fun: Snoop, Affion Crockett and Godfrey analyse clips of criminals with happy feet, robbers who embrace the holiday spirit and dumb scammers
From Intoxicated to Incarcerated: Snoop, Loni Love, Jay Pharoah and Moshe Kasher look at a clip of a suspicious man caught in a window
Less Than Decent Exposure: Snoop Dogg, Ron Funches and Deon Cole watch clips of a woman who led a high-speed chase to a porta-potty, and the first American Witness Awards
Bringing Down the Waffle House: Snoop's joined by Jim Jefferies and Diallo Riddle. They watch a clip of a man crashing into a liquor store and chat to a lawyer only a criminal would hire.