November 2019

Series 7: Episode 12

3.0 108 x
French crime drama. As police close in, Cann plans to make a run for it. But first, he asks Edelman for help. Meanwhile, Laure and Gilou still have not been cleared of wrongdoing by Internal Affairs.

Series 7: Episode 11

4.0 53 x
French crime drama. When Laure and Gilou, under investigation by Internal Affairs, are taken into custody, Tintin is torn between his loyalties to his former colleagues and his new job.

Series 7: Episode 10

4.0 96 x
French crime drama. Tintin is tasked with investigating Laure and Gilou's increasingly unscrupulous, and illegal, methods. Meanwhile, Josephine does her best to protect an uncooperative Lola.

Series 7: Episode 9

4.0 26 x
French crime drama. With his role in the investigation irreparably tarnished, Roban loses his grip on the case, while Laure and Gilou decide to reactivate the now-dormant money-laundering operation.

Series 7: Episode 8

3.0 23 x
French crime drama. Roban falls into a trap set by Josephine and Edelman. Laure and Gilou identify a suspect in the money-laundering operation, and Beckriche's loyalty is put to the test.

Series 7: Episode 7

4.0 37 x
French crime drama. With the team now removed from the investigation, Laure is increasingly concerned about Lebrion's interference. Josephine realises she also has reasons not to trust Edelman.
October 2019

Series 7: Episode 6

4.0 40 x
French crime drama. The money-laundering operation closes ranks. Beckriche orders his team to let the fraud squad take the lead, but will his colleagues comply? In French with English subtitles.

Series 7: Episode 5

4.0 45 x
French crime drama. Police work to uncover the role of Ryan's elder brother Fouad in the money-laundering scheme, and Laure and Gilou make a breakthrough arrest. In French with English subtitles.

Series 7: Episode 4

3.0 20 x
French crime drama. Laure follows the drug traffickers' courier to a warehouse in Aubervilliers, where the investigation suddenly acquires a new dimension. In French with English subtitles.

Series 7: Episode 3

4.0 34 x
French crime drama. The banknotes recovered from the robbery lead the police to a nearby estate. Meanwhile, a link is uncovered between Wang and Herville. In French with English subtitles.
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