Such Brave Girls

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Such Brave Girls

Preparing to see their dad again, Josie writes a speech to tell him how she feels, and Billie’s got newfound confidence in men. Dev has a very big question for Deb.

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Series 1
Billie and Josie go clubbing in the face of their nan’s impending death. Deb is on a mission to prove therapy is useless.
The gang takes to the woods, where Deb competes with a dead woman. Josie decides she’s an artist, which upsets everyone. Billie welcomes a new man into her life.
Josie tries to make her birthday dinner last as long as possible. Deb thinks Dev might pay for once. Billie and Nicky’s relationship is going really well...for some reason.
Deb’s determined to bond with Dev by any means necessary and finally gets to see his massive house. Billie plays hard to get with Nicky, and Josie remembers she has a boyfriend.
Deb invites new boyfriend Dev home to meet daughters Billie and Josie whilst also hiding how troubled they are. Billie tries to win back Nicky, the reluctant love of her life.