Summer Camp Island

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Summer Camp Island

Ramona sends Susie back to New York in search of new magical creatures.

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Series 2
Lucy and Fife argue about the right way to raise the litter of baby yetis they found.
Pepper tries to make his way to Susie's house through the fog.
Series 2, Episode 44 - Hall of Mooms of the TV-show Summer Camp Island was broadcast by CBBC on Friday 10 May 2024 at 13:40.
When it doesn't snow on the final day of Yeti Confetti, a yeti elder blames Lucy.
Lucy goes to yeti school to find her instrument.
Lucy decides to tell a story during a yeti cloud-making ceremony.
Oscar has to distract Lucy while the Yetis prepare a surprise for her.
Oscar, Hedgehog and Puddle must figure out what's wrong with the King.
Hedgehog and Oscar discover alien jesters who live under the floorboards of the castle.
The King leaves Hedgehog and Oscar in charge of the kingdom while he and Puddle are away.
Susie, Ramona and Barb team up in frozen time to see what's threatening the magic.
Series 2, Episode 43 - Hark the Gerald Sings of the TV-show Summer Camp Island was broadcast by CBBC on Tuesday 23 April 2024 at 13:50.
Oscar and Hedgehog encounter New Jersey's most famous piece of folklore.
A mouse in heels befriends a rogue snowflake.
Oscar and Hedgehog get an unsettling glimpse into the future.
Oscar cares for a magical root he finds in Susie's yard.
Oscar and Hedgehog go to magical etiquette class.
Oscar must overcome his fear of crossing a scary bridge.
Oscar tries to make the breakfast of his dreams.