Supernanny USA

September 2020

Series 1, Episode 10 - Episode 10

3.0 9 x
Brand new series: After 15 years struggling to conceive, Jennifer and Tim adopted twin girls, but their boisterous behaviour has started to create anxiety and animosity. Can Jo help? (Ep10)

Episode 9

4.0 18 x
Brand new series: Heather and Todd thought Hawaii was going to be the ideal location to raise their triplet boys, but trouble struck paradise as the triplets grew into wild toddlers. (Ep9)

Episode 8

4.0 12 x
Brand new series: Crystal and Jeff have two sets of rebellious kids from previous marriages, all under one roof. Jo Frost has her work cut out to put an end to the chaos. (Ep8)
August 2020

Episode 7

4.5 22 x
Brand new series: Mum Kristi is overwhelmed and frustrated at having to discipline her three girls while her husband, Diarmid, timidly passes the buck. Can Jo Frost bring harmony? (Ep7)

Episode 6

4.0 24 x
Brand new series: After their kids were diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies, Dan and Miranda Andersen are constantly on guard which has led to conflicting parenting styles. (Ep6)

Episode 5

3.0 25 x
Brand new series: Stay-at-home dad Anthony Garcia struggles with his new role as the primary caregiver, while mum Bethanie can't find her work and life balance. Can Jo Frost help? (Ep5)

Episode 4

4.0 21 x
Brand new series: Jo Frost helps the Ostlers, who're struggling with two rowdy boys while grieving the loss of their first child. Dane's job as a firefighter also creates anxiety. (Ep4)

Episode 3

3.0 46 x
Brand new series: Jo Frost helps the Richardsons, who have found themselves at a loss managing their six fiercely independent kids and can't keep up with the mess that follows them. (Ep3)
July 2020

Episode 2

4.0 22 x
Brand new series: The Corrys are a military family struggling with their four daughters. Father Ben's away with the army for months on end and mum Maria is left dealing with the kids. (Ep2)

Episode 1

4.0 71 x
Brand new series: The world's pre-eminent child-rearing expert Jo Frost returns to TV for a new USA series of the loved parenting show, drawing on 30 years of professional experience. (Ep1)
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