Survival Of The Fittest


Episode 20

3.0 68 x
The boys and girls test themselves physically and mentally one last time.

Episode 19

4.0 37 x
The final four boys and girls gear up for the last challenge of the series.

Episode 18

4.0 13 x
Our boys and girls go head to head again in the ultimate battle of the sexes.

Episode 17

3.0 17 x
With the final just days away, the boys and girls can't risk losing out on the cash prize.

Episode 16

4.0 18 x
The boys go head to head once again with the girls in the latest challenge.

Episode 15

4.0 21 x
Our boys and girls are on the way to the final with the cash prize firmly in sight.

Episode 14

3.0 20 x
Who will come out on top in the latest challenge?

Episode 13

4.0 15 x
Our two teams of single boys and girls battle it out in another challenge.

Episode 12

4.0 27 x
Whose place is safe and who's in danger of being replaced?

Episode 11

3.0 16 x
Our girls and boys once again go head to head in the latest team challenge.
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