The Big Celebrity Detox

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The Big Celebrity Detox

Brand new series: The detox is coming to a close - but not before the celebs endure intense temperatures in a sweat lodge. Will anyone leave the process with a new sense of self? (Ep8/8)

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May 2023
Brand new series: The penultimate stage of the process focuses on joy. But for Martin Roberts, a gong bath doesn't have the desired effect. And David Potts has a horrible facial. (Ep7/8)
Brand new series: The remaining celebrities brave fire and ice, before bonds are forged in a cacao ceremony that involves lots of chocolate - none of it to eat, though. (Ep6/8)
Brand new series: The celebrities face a daunting arrow breaking ceremony. And while the rest of the group head off for an inner purge, for one celeb, enough is enough. (Ep5/8)
Brand new series: Sah's got a cheery way to celebrate the celebs reaching the halfway point of the detox: facing death with some open grave therapy. And the boys get coffee enemas. (Ep4/8)
Brand new series: Nude mirror gazing brings the celebs face-to-face with their shame. An intense treatment has a profound effect on some. And Princess Olga is starting to soften. (Ep3/8)
Brand new series: The celebrities enter stage two of the detox: anger. Martin Roberts is surprised by a spanking session, before tempers fray at the evening's ceremony. (Ep2/8)
Brand new series: Eight celebrities - including Kerry Katona, Martin Roberts and an actual princess - check into a detox clinic for some radical treatments. First up: urine therapy. (Ep1/8)