The Dumping Ground

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The Dumping Ground

Bonnie is excited about the big gig, but Sabrina is a nervous wreck - will her mum turn up to hear her sing? Meanwhile, Frankie wants to avoid the concert at all costs.

Series 11
An upset and lonely Maisie runs away from the Dumping Ground. Wes’s gran sends him some birthday money, and Frankie plots to liberate the cash. Chelsey and Brodie frantically search for Maisie.
Maisie accidentally ruins Wes’s special book but can’t come clean. Oscar quits the gang, and Frankie comes up with a plan to get him back. Brodie and Chelsey want to cheer up Maisie.
Sabrina is still in turmoil knowing that her mum might be back, and Doreen springs a surprise house inspection. Frankie, Oscar and Shanice tackle the almighty stink in the boys' room.
Sabrina is shocked when she overhears Ben talking to her mum, Finn arrives on a Dumping Ground mission, and Jimi is angry with Erin but won’t tell her why.
Maisie’s scheme to get the room to herself pushes Chelsey closer to Brodie. Erin, Dita and Izzy set a trap to catch a chocolate thief, and Jimi tries to get out of his homework.
Bonnie turns detective to uncover the secrets of a strange tent Sabrina has found in the woods. Meanwhile, Maisie needs to read her care file and makes a new friend.
Dita is challenged by Maisie, who has found her diary. Oscar and Shanice use a wild cat story to cover their tracks, while Wes tries out being a teenager for the day.
Sabrina leaves a spiteful message on Bonnie’s phone, Shanice is not happy with Frankie’s latest plan, and Maisie struggles to make connections in her new home.
The Dumping Ground gang are back but are heading to a new care home. Things get off to a rocky start as the Porter’s Lodge tribe try and get the better of them.
Series 10
Izzy builds a dream go-kart. However, as scars from her past are unveiled, a race beckons. Meanwhile, Kyle’s offer to help Hugo leads to an explosive outcome that will change the DG forever.
Sabrina’s determined to make the scariest film ever. However, as she gathers a crew, her bad attitude only isolates her further, while Kyle’s past demons come to the surface.
With a prized scholarship up for grabs, Floss enters a prestigious baking competition. However, as the heat rises in the kitchen, Floss faces a fierce battle for her future.
The day is finally here for Finn to meet his mum for the first time. However, as his excitement grows, so too do his nerves as he questions why she abandoned him as a baby.
When Clem’s sister Nicole turns up where she’d least expect it, they both make discoveries about each other that they would never have imagined.
Recovering from an injury, Jay must answer questions about his future that take him out of his comfort zone, while Sid’s hunt for an alien to land in the DG has surprising results.
Discovering how to get good karma, Floss faces the incredibly tall task of making good for all her past mistakes. However, Wes, under the influence of Jay, is getting drawn to payback.
Meeting Maisie, Taz finds a would-be kindred spirit as they embark on protecting the local otters. However, as they become friends, Taz finds out that Maisie isn’t who she says she is.
After Floss’s cowardly betrayal of the DG, she finds herself exiled and fighting to redeem herself, while Kyle faces a tough chat with his dad, and Taz meets newcomer Izzy.
The DG is unrecognisable with Doreen in charge, and Floss has had enough. She goes to war, leading a rebellion to save the DG, but as the fallout hits, alliances begin to split.