The Family Pile

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The Family Pile

It's the last day in the family home, but the sisters still aren't talking to each other - will they patch things up before leaving the house?

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Series 1
Yvette's son Raymond arrives to claim what's his, but a jealous Gaynor plans to fight him for it - meanwhile, Ursula makes a critical decision.
Nicole grows tired of her sisters' slacking, Ursula has a health scare, Yvette finds support in the wrong place, and the buyers irritate Gaynor.
The buyers' offer has been accepted and it's time to say a proper goodbye to the house, but will the sisters hear their mum's final goodbye?
Gaynor and Greg are on the run from sea fowl, Connor pays tribute to his granddad, and Nicole and Ursula find their dad's guilty secret.
Nicole sneaks her late parents' house onto the market, but can you blame her when her sisters cause so much strife and give back so little?