The Furchester Hotel

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The Furchester Hotel

Preschool puppet show. A dinosaur surprises Elmo, then seems to disappear. The Furchesters go on a dino hunt to find their oldest, biggest guest.

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Series 1
Preschool puppet show. A parrot copies every woof, meow and monster noise! The Furchesters try to calm the chaos.
Preschool puppet show. When the luggage trolley breaks, Furgus replaces it with a donkey. But the donkey refuses to move and help the guests.
Series 2
Preschool puppet show. Funella has booked some instruments to play in the dining room whilst the guests eat: Vi & Beau, a violin and bow, and Clara, a jazzy clarinet.
Series 1
Preschool puppet show. Elmo is having his portrait painted, but he just can't stop moving and needs the Furchesters to help him sit still.
Preschool puppet show. It's a catastrophe when Funella's arms are stuck open wide and she can't welcome the guests. Funella must rest for a whole day.
Preschool puppet show. Phoebe and Elmo create Furchester TV to avoid a catastrophe when two TV-loving ducks check in and say they cannot miss their favourite shows.
Preschool puppet show. Furgus and Funella think there is one Ms Woolly, but there are more - they're identical sisters!
Preschool puppet show. The hotel can be a big and noisy place if you are a tiny, quiet ant - so Phoebe and Elmo need to find him the perfect room.
Preschool puppet show. The writer of Mooga Monster books checks in. She needs Furchester and lots of monster help to write her new story.
Preschool puppet show. A cow guest loses a precious hair curler. The Furchesters bring in two mice to search the hotel.
Preschool puppet show. Guests smell a skunk and want to check out, so Phoebe and Elmo have to stop the friendly skunk from spraying when he's surprised.
Preschool puppet show. The Furchesters need creative ways to help a tired pony take a rest when all the guests want to take a ride.
Preschool puppet show. A goat eats all of the food and Furgus struggles to trim a vine that just does not stop growing.
Preschool puppet show. Phoebe loses her special key, which opens every door in the hotel. How can she remember when she last saw it?
Preschool puppet show. The Furchesters have to find the perfect spot for a fussy pot plant who complains about everything, even the curtains!
Preschool puppet show. Cousin Bebe arrives. Phoebe is jealous because she seems so much better at stopping monsters and talking to the animals.
Preschool puppet show. It is ballroom dance weekend but the floor is so shiny the dancers slip over.
Preschool puppet show. When a heavy bear falls asleep in the lobby, the Furchesters try to get him up the stairs and into bed.
Preschool puppet show. Super Rock flies into the hotel - but his cape tears and he thinks his powers have gone. Phoebe and Elmo have to help Super Rock be super again.