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The Great House Giveaway

In Leeds, strangers Boris and Shane join forces to renovate a decrepit family home. But when one of them struggles to commit to the work, the pressure is on to get the job done. (S3 Ep7)

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Series 4
In Cramlington, strangers Ashleigh and Joe take on a run-down suburban semi in urgent need of some TLC. But as costs spiral out of control, will they make any money? (S3 Ep6)
In Burton-on-Trent, strangers Jack and Helen bring a wrecked terrace house into the 21st century. But as the budget dwindles and the clock ticks, the stress of the job sets in. (S3 Ep12)
In Somercotes in Derbyshire, strangers Jaspal and Chantelle team up to transform a run-down wreck into a modern family home. But tensions between them threaten to scupper the work. (S3 Ep5)
In Chirk in north Wales, Tash and Gwion's end-of-terrace renovation gets off to a flying start. But a surprising event throws a spanner in the works... can they complete the build? (S3 Ep4)
In Birmingham, Trevelle and Mya transform a wrecked house into a modern family home. But when time starts to run out, hope of making a profit fades. Can they turn things around? (S3 Ep3)
Strangers Gemma and Paul pair up to renovate a four-bed family home in Newcastle. It all seems to be going swimmingly... until things take a sudden and unexpected turn. (S3 Ep2)
Simon O'Brien, Tayo Oguntonade and Carys Davies pair up more strangers to transform houses and turn a profit. Sarah and Paige take on a crumbling Victorian terrace in Stafford. (S3 Ep1)
Tayo Oguntonade gives dance teacher Yolande and maintenance engineer Patrick just months to renovate a dated house. Will their plans to demolish a wall derail the project? (S2 Ep5)
In Ripley, Sara and Beth renovate a smelly semi that's seen better days. Can they bring it up to scratch within budget, and come out smelling of roses? (S4 Ep19)
In Newport, Connor and Lia take on a huge family home that needs major updating. But tensions rise... can the duo overcome their renovation frustration? (S4 Ep18)
In Aberdare, teachers Lisha and Shannon transform an unloved wreck into a dream family home. But it's not child's play, as cracks begin to show... (S4 Ep17)
In Liverpool, Michael and Alex renovate a damp house that needs major structural changes. Can they finish on time, and will they make a profit? (S4 Ep16)
In Leicester, carpenters Chris and Adam set out to renovate a house that's been condemned twice. It's the biggest challenge ever seen on The Great House Giveaway. (S2 Ep4)
In Leeds, two strangers get together to renovate a tired auction property. If it's a success, they can keep the profit. But it's not all plain sailing... (S2 Ep3)
In Stockport, two strangers renovate a dated terraced house. Can they settle their differences, turn it into a viable home with kerb appeal and win the profits? (S2 Ep2)
In Liverpool, two strangers team up to transform a crumbling house. Can they survive the pressure of property renovation and win the profits? (S2 Ep1)
Series 3
In Castle Donington, Danielle and Alessio transform a damp cottage with no kitchen into a modern holiday let. There's a lot to unearth, including a hidden Victorian inglenook. (S4 Ep15)
In Birmingham, Kyle and Dan take on The Great House Giveaway's most expensive house ever bought. But have they set their sights too high converting two flats back into one home? (S4 Ep14)
In Sacriston, County Durham, Steph and Alex transform a red brick terrace into an affordable abode. But a simple flip becomes more complex as plaster comes off with the wallpaper. (S4 Ep13)