The Joy Of Painting

September 2020

Series 3, Episode 35 - Winter Stillness

3.0 5 x
Ice cold pond, snow-covered banks, soft hues in the sky. Bob Ross teaches us to admire the simple beauty of nature.

Series 3, Episode 34 - Twilight Meadow

3.0 4 x
A crisp blue sky and lake embrace soft rolling hills and leafy trees. Bob Ross also recreates the stillness of evening perfectly on black canvas.

Series 3, Episode 33 - Mountain Waterfall

4.0 4 x
Bob Ross paints a tiny waterfall tucked beside a glassy lake, surrounded by snowy majestic peaks and distant evergreens.

Series 3, Episode 32 - Mountain Challenge

3.0 3 x
Impressive skies, misty waters and snowy mountains – completed by Bob Ross using just his specially designed painting knife!

Series 3, Episode 31 - Autumn Days

4.0 5 x
In the still of the night, trees reflect off a glistening pond and a cool breeze blows as Bob Ross takes you on a black-canvas adventure.

Series 3, Episode 30 - Quiet Woods

3.0 4 x
Let Bob Ross take you on a journey through a majestic forest, where you can smell the sweet aroma of pines and taste cool mist in the air.

Series 3: 29. Cool Waters

4.0 3 x
Bob Ross captures the beauty of Alaska on canvas - clear skies, soft cottony clouds, snow-covered mountains and a breathtaking crystal lake.

Series 3: 28. Wetlands

3.0 4 x
Feel the warm, swampy air and admire the overgrown trees with hanging Spanish moss and velvety bushes. All Bob Ross-style, of course!

Series 3: 27. Cabin in the Woods

3.0 5 x
Enjoy the peace of a calm evening by taking a walk with Bob Ross through the enchanted timberlands of America just before nightfall.

Series 3: 26. Warm Summer Day

3.0 6 x
Grab a cold lemonade and follow Bob Ross as he leads you through wooded beauty to a hot summer swimming spot.
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