The Joy Of Painting

Series 4

Series 4, Episode 38 - Back Country Path

3.0 3 x
Bob Ross takes a detour from the trail and discovers a rarely used path through country woods.

Series 4, Episode 37 - Mirrored Images

3.0 2 x
Join Bob Ross on a clear windless day, where the reflections are so smooth that they appear to be crystal likenesses of the mountains above them.

Series 4, Episode 36 - Little Home in the Meadow

4.0 0 x
Bob Ross employs some of his well-known oval magic to paint a lovely cabin scene situated in a serene, soft, little rolling pasture.

Series 4, Episode 35 - A Mild Winter's Day

3.0 0 x
Winter scenes don’t have to be cold! With a touch of the sun’s warmth, Bob Ross turns the chill of winter into a golden day.

Series 4, Episode 34 - Wayside Pond

4.0 1 x
In a densely covered spot, hidden far from the nearest roadway, lies a softly nestled, quiet little pond. Bob Ross invites you to take a peek.

Series 4, Episode 33 - Grey Mountain

4.0 1 x
Bob Ross teams up with Mother Nature to paint an awesome sky hovering over snow-covered mountains and glass-like reflections.

Series 4, Episode 32 - Crimson Tide

4.0 1 x
Bob Ross paints a breathtakingly beautiful seascape on black canvas, complete with fierce skies, a jagged cliff and raging ocean waves.

Series 4, Episode 31 - Frozen Beauty in Vignette

4.0 1 x
A truly graceful scene. Bob Ross paints an icy pond and weather-worn cabin that appear to float in the air.

Series 4, Episode 30 - Falls in the Glen

4.0 0 x
A partially blackened canvas is all you need to create this dark, mood-filled, misty waterfall scene with artist Bob Ross.

Series 4, Episode 29 - Toward Day's End

3.0 0 x
Bob Ross paints a delightful, riverside cabin in an oval bursting with succulent, glorious foliage.