The Joy Of Painting


Series 1: 10. Country Cabin

4.0 4 x
Follow Bob Ross for a relaxing 30 minutes as he paints an old weathered dwelling burrowed deep in the snow and lined with protective evergreens.

Series 1: 9. Mountain Stream

4.0 5 x
Enjoy 30 minutes of calm while Bob Ross paints a cool blue waterway winding effortlessly down from faraway high peaks and evergreens.

Series 1: 8. Triple View

4.0 1 x
Bob Ross encourages his viewers to follow him step by step as he paints a mountain view through a window, complete with cosy cabin and meadow.

Series 3, Episode 52 - Oval Essence

3.0 6 x
Bob Ross’s dramatic use of blue tones results in an emotional depiction of crashing night-time waves – all tucked inside an oval.

Series 3, Episode 51 - Cabin Hideaway

3.0 3 x
Follow Bob Ross’s easy painting method to recreate the splendour of a little farm home in a winter wonderland, complete with soft hills bedecked in purple.

Series 3, Episode 50 - Mountain Summit

3.0 2 x
Snowy peaks point towards the heavens as American painter Bob Ross surrounds a scene in a happy gathering of landscape finery.

Series 3, Episode 49 - Emerald Waters

3.0 7 x
Bob Ross uses beautiful shades of green that burst forth in an exciting, realistic display of nature’s wonder.

Series 3, Episode 48 - Mountain Exhibition

3.0 4 x
Mountains seem to sing in harmony with the sky as Bob Ross’s brushes tell a story in breathtaking hues and depth.

Series 3, Episode 47 - Peaceful Haven

3.0 4 x
The undaunted splendour of the sky, trees and a lake, beautifully portrayed in another Bob Ross creation.
Episodes expected soon

November 25, 2020

Expected on
- Golden GlowBob Ross paints a scene that shows even a tiny shanty by a pond can be a warm place in the dead of winter.