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Ma gets some help to organise revenge on the Vicar and the Jerebohms.

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Series 2
The Larkins do all they can to get Pop out of prison.
Ma and the children try to get Pop to take the court case seriously.
Ma issues Pop some tough love, and an old friend visits the village.
It's BBQ weather, and no-one throws a party like the Larkins.
The Larkins' new neighbours host a hilariously dire dinner party.
Series 1
The Larkins go to extreme lengths to convince Mariette not to leave, and the glamorous Angela Snow arrives.
The Larkins have visitors they would rather avoid, there is tension between Mariette and Charley, and Alec Norman is up to his old dirty tricks.
News reaches Pop that the train station is to close, but with the help of Miss Chand and the village, Pop grabs the chance to save it.
Ma is worried that Pop is working too hard and books a weekend in Margate, leaving Charley and Mariette to mind the kids - Margate, however, threatens to be a let-down.
The Larkins woo Charley with wit, charm, and a little bit of cunning, and Mariette agrees to put her plans on hold and stay awhile.
There is excitement at the approaching May Day Fair and new blood in the village, but Mariette has bombshell news and the taxman is coming...
It's Christmas, but there's been a spate of burglaries in the village. Pop and Ma are overjoyed to have Mariette and Charley back, but when Charley's parents arrive, chaos rules.