The Moment Of Proof

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The Moment Of Proof

A few specks of grey paint help to solve two brutal axe murders, and a bungling burglar is caught when his DNA is found on a rock used to smash a window at one of his break-ins.

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Series 3
A car hidden deep within a scrapper’s yard unlocks the riddle of a suspected gangland shooting, and police secure the UK's first conviction for modern day slavery at a car wash.
An ice pick is recovered from the roof of a pub and brings a murderer to justice, and an anonymous letter throws suspicion on a man who may be storing and manufacturing guns.
A man is linked to a series of murders by a shoelace with his final victim’s DNA on it, and coded information in a spreadsheet reveals the perpetrator of a campaign of blackmail.
A hammer contaminated with the DNA of both victim and killer helps police solve a murder investigation, and a burglar is caught after photographing himself at the crime scene.
A single piece of paper found on top of a hidden fax machine gives police the number of a shipping container used to smuggle millions of pounds' worth of drugs from Thailand.
A blood-spattered hammer is the key to charging the prime suspect in a murder case, and a drug gang is brought down when one detective focuses on how the product is packaged.
Blood spatters found on a trench coat belonging to a suspect in an unrelated case of armed robbery links a callous killer to the murder of a wealthy pensioner.
Fingerprints found after a break-in and brutal beating are enough to convict a man of murder, and crooks who burgled a man's home and started using his credit card are caught by CCTV.
A jacket recovered from a suspect’s home has the DNA of two stabbing victims on it, and a fingerprint on a getaway car number plate snares an armed robber.
A fingerprint on a fish and chips wrapper places a gunman in a rural location miles from his home, and a man’s laptop reveals that he is behind a luxury gift card fraud.
A hotel guest book gives police the names of an international drug smuggling network, and thieves who stole £20,000 of food from a factory are caught out by a car number plate.
A fingerprint from an old break-in solves a murder at the same factory months later. Elsewhere, a DNA spray means police can finally apprehend a prolific motorbike thief.
A USB stick with information about illegal drugs is found at a respectable businesswoman’s house, and police crack down on the conversion of guns designed to fire blanks.
A few spots of the victim’s blood on a blue shirt convict a murderer, and a rapper incriminates himself when videos he posts online about his drug dealing are seen by the police.
Series 2
A car key helps crack a criminal conspiracy to steal luxury car parts, and a torch provides the proof needed to convict a man of violently assaulting a pensioner in a graveyard.
An elderly murderer is convicted after a cat-and-mouse chase with armed police, and a fraudster is locked up after using dummy phone handsets to con high-street shops.
A mobile phone hidden in a bundle of clothes helps save a young woman from a forced marriage, and a burnt tea towel helps convict a gang of a callous shooting.
A plot to extort thousands of pounds from a casino is foiled by a high-stakes sting operation, and a discarded cigarette butt helps convict a man of indecent assault.
A drug boss is put behind bars thanks to a paper trail from his dodgy property empire, and an observant cashier helps convict a fraudster who is posing as a police officer.